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Series Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card
Also Known As Bunny-san
Residence Tomoeda, Japan
Likes Chocolate and all sweets
Powers/Abilities Levitation
Gender Female
Hair White
First Appearance (Manga)
Chapter 9
Last Appearance (Manga)
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First Appearance (Anime)
"Sakura, the Rabbit, and the Song of the Moon"
Last Appearance (Anime)
Minako Kotobuki
Jad Saxton

Momo (モモ, Momo) is one of supporting characters of the Clear Card Arc. Just like Kero and Spinel Sun, she is a magical creature who has a borrowed form of a stuffed animal.


Her name "Momo" means "Peach" in Japanese.


Momo true form

Momo's true form

She is a white rabbit with a light blue scarf around her neck and ears. Her eyes are completely closed and have never been seen with her eyes open, even when sentient. She has a mole under her right eye and wears a gold clockwork-shaped crown on her left ear. She is usually carried around on Akiho Shinomoto's bag as a plush toy of sorts.

In her true form, she is a young lady with short curly hair. She wears a half black and half white flared dress, divided by a fringe on the skirt that separates a gear-shaped ornament with two clock hands, as well as a series of transparent wings that come out from the waist. Its sleeves are extremely loose with plush edges as well as on the neck. She also wears a tiara crowned with three peaks from which two long ribbons are born.


Momo is sentient, much like Kero and Spinel, but Akiho is unaware of this. She enjoys eating the food Yuna D. Kaito prepares, and usually sits in a lounging position on the couch.

She also seems to be somewhat concerned about how far Kaito plans to go to achieve his goal of working taboo magics.


Momo was born together with the Alice in Clockland book a long time ago, and that book is capable of granting its owner command over a special kind of sorcery: time magic, to those who make a contract with it. Unfortunately, whoever tried to master the time magic proved to be extremely difficult, so much so that no one ever did, and those who tried it rarely ended well. Momo out of guilt and tiredness for seeing so many people ruin themselves, almost decided to shut everything down.[1]

Momo then decided that such magic should not be used and gave up on finding a new owner for the book. However, this changed when a sorcerer named Yuna D. Kaito came to her expressing interest in such magic. Momo agreed in exchange for Kaito giving her chocolates, tea, and a comfortable sofa[1].

At some point, Momo met Lilie Shinomoto who gave her the ring that she wears in her ear, asking her to take care of her "little Alice" [2]. Thus, Momo remained by Akiho's side since the day she born.

As Kaito and Akiho settle in Tomoeda, Momo stays close to Akiho as her stuffed animal. However, she commonly drops the facade when she is alone with Kaito. Momo often argues with him about recent events, such as his use of time magic and Sakura's creation of the Clear Cards[3].

Despite staying in a neutral position most of the time, Momo took an intervention role on two occasions. The first when was Nadeshiko's Clock stops time when the book inside Akiho goes haywire, leading Sakura to discover Momo when she comes to her aid. Knowing that Kaito would go back in time to erase the encounter, Momo decides to reveal her true form to Sakura and shows the girl a world where no one remembers her[4].

Momo appears before Cerberus and Spinel, revealing herself as the guardian of the magical book and saying that she wants to leave them something even though their meeting would also be erased by Kaito[5]. It is not revealed until that what she left behind was a message recorded by the Record card that Sakura left hidden in her room. 

In the message, which Sakura and Akiho see, Momo says that she knows that Kaito is hiding something about what he is planning and that is why she will use the ring that Lilie entrusted to her to protect Record and the other Clear Cards from being erased by the time rewrite, also allowing for Sakura to regain her lost memories[6].

After fulfilling its purpose, both the book and Momo disappear to an unknown destination. Eriol speculates that the Clear Cards, being the "key" that activated the book, were sealed within it after its disappearance. With the world returning to the way it was before, Akiho decides to embark on a journey along Kaito not only to find a way to cure him of the effects of time magic, but also to find Momo and the book.[7]


Akiho Shinomoto[]

Momo finds Akiho sweet but sometimes gets tired of not moving in Akiho's presence. Nonetheless, Momo is always keeping watch on Akiho.

Yuna D. Kaito[]

Yuna is the only one who has been seen to communicate with Momo as of yet. Both of them are of the consensus that they need to watch over Akiho.

Lilie Shinomoto[]


  • "Let's be honest. That girl is never going to grow out of her clumsiness"
  • "Is there anything more divine?"
  • "How are things? It is time yet?"
  • "Just enough to fill my beautiful body."
  • "She's begun to synchronize."
  • "Maybe it was contrary dream. But it may also be one that comes true."
  • "What will you do? Even with your D magic, you'll never be able to stop that book's time."
  • "You used the time magic again."
  • "She's dreaming like she always is. To put it simply, she's basically acting in her sleep."
  • "Even if she does, she'll write it off as being a dream."
  • "She'll likely remember."
  • "Hold on! You're really going to do this?"
  • "You may be powerful, but turning time back that much is insane, even for you."
  • "But you won't stop."
  • "That's part of it. But there's another reason."


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