Momo Manga

Momo Anime

Series Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc
Also Known As Bunny-san
Residence Tomoeda, Japan
Gender Female
Hair White
First Appearance
Chapter 9
First Appearance
Episode 6: "Sakura, the Rabbit, and the Song of the Moon"
Last Appearance
Episode 22: "Sakura's Clear Cards"
Seiyuu Minako Kotobuki
English Jad Saxton

Momo (モモ, Momo) is one of characters of the Clear Card Arc.


Her name "Momo" means "Peach" in Japanese.


She is a white rabbit with light blue scarf around her neck and ears. Her eyes are completely close. She has a mole under her right eye and wears a gold clockwork-shaped crown on her left ear. She is usually carried around on Akiho Shinomoto's bag as a plushie of sorts.

Momo has never been seen with her eyes open, even when sentient.


Momo is sentient, much like Kero and Spinel, but Akiho is unaware of this. She enjoys eating the food Yuna D. Kaito prepares, and usually sits in a lounging position on the couch.


Momo came into the world a long time ago, as the guardian of a magical book with the mission of protecting it. That book gave its owner command over a very special type of sorcery: time magic. Unfortunately, mastering time magic proved to be extremely difficult, so much so that no one ever did, and those who tried it rarely ended well. Momo then decided that such magic should not be used and gave up on finding a new owner for the book. However, this changed when a sorcerer named Yuna D. Kaito came to her expressing interest in such magic. Momo agreed in exchange for Kaito giving her chocolates, tea and a comfortable sofa.

At some point, Momo met the Akiho's Mother who gave her the ring that she wears in her ear, asking her to take care of her "little Alice".


Akiho Shinomoto

Momo finds Akiho sweet, but sometimes gets tired of not moving in Akiho's presence. Nonetheless, Momo is always keeping watch on Akiho.

Yuna D. Kaito

Yuna is the only one who has been seen to communicate with Momo as of yet. Both of them are of the consensus that they need to watch over Akiho.

Akiho's Mother


  • Like Kero and Spinel Sun, she is a magical creature who has a borrowed form of a stuffed toy animal.
  • Her true form has not yet been shown in the series.


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