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Moon Bell
Moon Bell
Japanese: 月の鈴
Romaji: Tsuki no Suzu
User(s): Kaho Mizuki
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 15
First Appearance (Anime): Episode 26

The Moon Bell (also called "Bell of the Moon" or "Bell of Second Chance") is the magical bell possessed by Kaho Mizuki; passed down to her by Clow Reed, when they met at a university in England.

Clow Card arc[]

The Bell's use is to give Sakura Kinomoto a second chance during Episode 46, the Final Judgement. It vanished after being used, during it having fulfilled its purpose. According to Kero, the bell was also intended to give Sakura an increase in the power of the Moon to help her sustain Yue's existence. It was also thanks to this temporary Moon power that Sakura was able to use The Windy during the Final Judgment without transforming the Card.

The Bell was first seen in episode 26. It was also, used to defeat The Maze card from the inside by breaking its walls, allowing Sakura, Tomoyo, Syaoran and Meiling to escape and seal the Card.

In the manga, Kaho used the bell to protect herself from The Firey's magic.

Clear Card arc[]

Kaho recently transform the Moon bell to moon shaped Kagura bell shaking to assist Touya new power stopping time in Chapter 77.