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Nadeshiko's Key
User(s): Sakura Kinomoto
Nadeshiko Kinomoto
Used with: Akiho's Seal
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 22
First Appearance (Anime): Episode 21

Nadeshiko's Key is a small object that Nadeshiko had particularly treasured as a girl. It was given to by her grandparents, who had found it in England. Many years later, it was passed down to her fourteen-year-old daughter, who could treasure it in her place.

In the manga Chapter 36, it is a special clock that was enchanted by Nadeshiko's dearest childhood friend- Akiho's late mother gave some kind of special magic clock, telling Nadeshiko that she will put a special spell on it for the "two beautiful Alices" that one day will come to them.

In Chapter 49, the clock reacts to the magic contained within Akiho being activated when Sakura tells her that she wishes her happiness, which rekindles the sad memories of her past. The clock then stops time for everyone except Sakura, who then runs into Momo when she shows up worried about Akiho.

The two have a conversation after which Momo decides to show Sakura a world where is unhappiness and her loved ones doesn't remember her, however Yuna D. Kaito appears interrupts the meeting and use his Clock staff to cast the spell turns back time. Upon returning home, Sakura realizes that she has created Time but doesn't remember doing it.

Magical Properties[]

  • Chrono Magic: It has the power to stop time.