Song of Sweets
Okashi no Uta Front
Album Art
Single by Aya Hisakawa and Yumi Touma
Artist Aya Hisakawa and Yumi Touma
Released July 12th, 2000
Format CD
Genre J-Pop
Length 13:28
Label Victor Entertainment
Catalog Number VICL-35153

Song of Sweets (おかしのうた, Okashi no Uta) is a single revolving around the character, Kero from the short-film:Leave it to Kero-chan!.

The album comes with three interchangeable celluloids that -when placed on the back of the CD case- display a different expression on the blank-faced Kero. The single was released in Japan on July 12, 2000.

Track listing

Track List Artist Length
1. おかしのうた
Okashi no Uta
Song of Sweets
Aya Hisakawa 3:23
2. 組曲「タコヤキは踊る」
Kumikyoku "Takoyaki wa Odoru"
Suite "Takoyaki Dance"
3. おかしのうた (オリジナル・カラオケ)
Okashi no Uta (Orijinaru Karaoke)
Song of Sweets (Original Karaoke)
N/A 3:23

Track 2 - Suit Contents

The second track Kumikyoku "Takoyai wi Odoru" is a medley of the following songs (in order):

Kanji Romanji English
謎の球体 Nazo no Kyūtai Mystery of The Spheres
はじめてのタコヤキ Hajimete no Takoyaki First of The Takoyaki
ゆずりあい Yuzururiai Give and Take
決闘や! Kettō ya! The Duel!
タコヤキ大脱走 Takoyaki Dai Dassō Takoyaki Great Escape
スーパータコボール? Sūpātakobōru? Super Tako Ball
仁義なき戦い Jinginakitatakai Fight to the Death
再会,そして… Saikai, Soshite... Reunion, and...
ハッピーケロちゃん Happīkero-chan Happy Kero-chan
メインテーマ(リプライズ) Meintēma (Ripuraizu) Main Theme (Reprise)



  • "Tako" in the sixth song in the second track's medley "Super Tako Ball?" is a shortened version of the word "takoyaki", a popular Japanese food.