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Opening Costume 2
Opening Costume 2
Cardcaptors Name: Winged Egg Crown Costume
Fan Name: Tobira wo Akete Costume
Used in: Opening 2
Motif: Royalty
Color(s): Yellow
Red Winter Coat Outfit
Episode 36 Battle Costume

This costume is worn by Sakura in the second opening theme of Cardcaptor Sakura. The song is entitled Open the Door (Tobira wo Akete) and is used for Season 2 of the series. (Episodes 36-46)Angel Crown Dress Settei

Design Description[]

It consists of a yellow dress with bulky, yellow shorts with long creamy tail coats that reach down the feet and heavily resemble the shape of bird's wings.

On the chest is a brooch shaped like a golden wing from which hangs a light-yellow bow-tie. A small pair of yellow wings protrudes from the back.

Complimenting it further are a pair of pale gloves that nearly touch the shoulders and stockings that rise to just over the knee. The shoes are a darker shade of yellow compared to the stockings and have a wing ornament on each one as an accessory. To top it off Sakura wears a golden crown.



  • This costume, as well as three other outfits, have made a brief appearance in the form of a sketch in Episode 2 of the Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc.