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Orange Kimono
Sakura - Orange Kimono
Used in: Episode 62
Motif: Flowers
Color(s): Orange
Episode 59 Battle Costume
Red Swimsuit

This outfit was worn by Sakura in Sakura and the Strange Written Fortune. CCS AW SP PG043

Design Description[]

The Orange Kimono is a simple, traditional Japanese kimono; specifically, it is a Furisode. The main colour is a medium orange/pink mix with brown and yellow flowers outlined in red. An orange and blush-pink 3x3 checker pattern also appears on the ends of the sleeves and the bodice of the kimono.

The haneri (under layer) and obiage (under obi layer) are a hazy-yellow colour.

The obi is a dark olive-green colour tied into a large bow in the back. A yellow obijime tide together and held in place by a brown sakura blossom.

Plain white tabi are worn on her feet as well as a pair of deep red zori.

In her hair are yellow sakura with red breaded bows. The bows end with yellow beads before ending with tassels. These tie up her short, signature pig-tails.