Pastel Illusion Bunny Costume
Pastel Illusion Bunny Costume2
Used in Episode 6
Pink Space Cadet Costume
Yellow Illusion Umbrella Costume

The Pastel Illusion Bunny Costume was worn when Sakura attempted to capture the Illusion card.

Pink Bunny Costume Settei

Design Description

A pink one-piece with puffed up sleeves resembling Victorian-sleeves, along with a pair of pastel blue finger-less gloves. The puffy shorts go up to mid-thigh length, and three yellow puffballs go down the centre of the body. A larger yellow puffball also goes at the back to resemble a rabbit's tail. A pair of cream coloured tights are worn with this ensemble, long with a pair of pastel blue ballet-flats that have a yellow pom-pom on top of it. Accessories include a headband with cream-coloured rabbit ears.



  • An error in the coloring of the costume shows the bodice of the costume as pastel-blue during the episode; matching the mutton-sleeves.
  • In all promotional materials, the bodice is the same pink color as the puffed-short's and puffed-sleeves.


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