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Pastel Lotus Costume
Chinese-Style Lotus Patterned Costume
Used in: Episode 4
Chapter 8
Card Captured: Action
Motif: Chinese Lotus
Color(s): Blue
Frog Raincoat
Starry Yellow Dress

Pastel Lotus Costume was designed by Tomoyo Daidouji for Sakura Kinomoto to wear. It was seen in the fourth episode.

Clear Card Costume Concept Art Ep 04

Design Description[]

"Here is the battle costume used in Episode 4. A Chinese-style costume that combines the vibrancy of the lotus and the gentle colors. The red tassel is the accent point♪ The hair accessory is awesome as well."
Official description
A pastel blue dress with pink lotuses and green lotus leaves printed on it, the yellow hem separated by a red line. A long sleeved yellow coat that cuts off at the chest is worn over the outfit, its openings lined with red. The end of the sleeves is decorated with a lotus, with a red lining that has a red tassel attached to it separating the sleeve from the pastel blue hem, fairly wide like the skirt. Knee length pastel blue pants are worn underneath, with the side of the pants decorated with a lotus, as well as the same red lining and tassel that separates the main section from the yellow hem. The slip-on pastel blue shoes have a pink base, red-colored lining, and a red strap. Accessories include a pink lotus hair accessory, with the tip of the lotus petals dyed a darker shade of pink, as well as a tassel hanging beneath the lotus.