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Pink-Beige One-piece Coat
Pink-Beige One-piece Coat
Used in: Episode 8
Color(s): Pink
High Waist One-piece
Date Outfit with Syaoran

Pink-Beige One-piece Coat is an outfit worn by Sakura Kinomoto. It was seen in the eighth episode.

Clear Card Costume Concept Art Ep 08

Design Description[]

"Sakura's personal clothing that appeared in Episode 8. The pink and beige color theme makes the ensemble fashionable and cute. The fur at the collar and the sleeves give the outfit a warm feeling. She goes outing along with her handbag."
Official Description
A peach pink coat with a pleated skirt, a white petticoat lining the bottom to create volume. A beige colored strap goes around the hip, each side ending at where the skirt is pleated in the front. The collar and sleeves are made of beige fur that has white polka dots on it, while a red ribbon sits at the center of the collar. White knee-high socks and red-brown loafers are worn with this outfit. Accessories include a pale beret with beige furs that has white polka dots with strips of ribbon extending behind it, as well as a rosy brown handbag with a beige flap. To hold Kero-chan, a light lime green gift bag with white straps is brought along with Sakura.