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Pink and Purple Sakura Suit Costume
Pink and Purple Sakura Suit Costume
Used in: Movie 1
Motif: Cherry Blossoms
Color(s): Pink
Green Arrow Costume
Blue Star Costume

The Pink and Purple Sakura Suit Costume was the second costume worn by Sakura in the first movie: Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie, while she was battling against the antagonist of the film, Madoushi.

Design Description[]

On her head is a purple hat with the sakura pin Yukito bought for Sakura. The top is pink with puffed sleeves and a tradition cheongsam folded neckline. The front has a purple section with a light green strap held in place by two red jewels. A purple sakura-petal a-line skirt goes over top of a pair of pink ankle-cinched pants. The bottom of the pants also have a sakura-petal design. On her feet are a pair of raspberry pink ballet flats. Around her waist is a slightly lighter pink kimono bow, tied in back. The ends of the bow have little gold bells. Her gloves are also a lighter pink with sakura-petal trim.