Platinum Cover
Album Art
Single by Maaya Sakamoto
Artist Maaya Sakamoto
B-Side 24 (twenty four)
Released October 21st, 1999
Format CD
Genre J-Pop
Length 18:01
Label Victor Entertainment
Producer Yoko Kanno
Catalog Number VIDL-30450

Platinum (プラチナ) is the third and final opening song of the Cardcaptor Sakura anime series. The single contains the song "24(twenty four)", which did not feature in the anime. The single was released in Japan on October 21st, 1999.

Track Listing

Track Title Artist Length
1. プラチナ
Maaya Sakamoto 4:13
2. 24(twenty four) Maaya Sakamoto 4:49
3. プラチナ without Maaya
Purachina without Maaya
Platinum without Maaya
N/A 4:12
4. 24(twenty four) without Maaya N/A 4:47



  • The single is the only single of the eight total that show the artist on the front cover; rather than Sakura.