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Prince Costume
Prince Costume
Used in: Episode 42
Chapters 20 and 21
Card Captured: The Light
The Dark
Motif: Royalty
Color(s): Red


Episode 36 Battle Costume
Episode 43 Battle Costume

This costume is worn exclusively by Sakura in the 42nd episode of the anime: Sakura and the Blacked Out School Arts Festival. In the manga, it is worn during Chapters 20 and 21 when there is a Festival of Arts at Tomoeda Elementary and Sakura and her friends put on a play based on "The Sleeping Beauty."

It was not originally meant to be used to capture a Clow Card, but Sakura nevertheless is wearing it when she seals the Light and Dark cards. Prince Costume Settei

Design Description[]

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  • The Prince costume remains fairly the same to the manga; the only exceptions being the pants, jabot and the under side of the cape are white in the manga, instead of red, as depicted in the anime. The underside of the coattails are also red in the manga, and blue in the anime.
  • The Prince costume design, both its style and colors, is a reference to Princess Sapphire's costume in Osamu Tezuka's manga and anime series, Princess Knight.