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Princess Costume
Used in: Movie 2
Motif: Angel
Color(s): Light Pink
Dark Pink
Blue Star Costume
Final Battle Costume

This costume was worn by Sakura in the second movie. The gown was designed by Tomoyo for a school play.

Design Description[]

The gown is a very pale, blush color. The sleeves are short, and slightly-puffed. The neck-line is wide with a razzmatazz-ribbon trim. The bodice is form fitting from the neck-line to the waist.

From the waist, the skirt drops to just above the A-line, and descends to the floor as the cut transitions to the back.

A small, blush-colored garter-belt with red-pink ribbon is worn around her left thigh. A Yellow, two stared pin, holds the bow together.

The shoes are plain, razzmatazz-colored ballet-flats. The left flat crosses once before being tied around the ankle; the right flat crosses three times before being tied just above the knee.

Tied around her neck is a red-pink ribbon choker, with a simple, yellow, inverted two-star pendent. Holding her hair back is a simple two strips of ribbon, tied into a bow on the left side.

A pair of off-white, medium-length wings are worn on her back. When off stage, the wings can be removed.



  • Although it was not in the manga, CLAMP depicted the ballet-flats to have the same color on the shoes as the rest of the dress in their illustrations.
  • This costume was displayed as the cover art for the movie's English dub DVD release.
  • The skirt of the dress varies in length for aesthetic purposes mainly changing length in promotional materials.