Puffy Pink Fight Costume
Puffy Pink Fight Costume
Used in Episode 20
Storm Witch Costume
Song Dress Costume
The Puffy Pink Fight Costume was worn by Sakura when capturing The Fight. It was made by Tomoyo, using a light-weight material for easy and quick movements.

Powerful Pink Costume Settei

Design Description


A baby pink one piece with puff sleeves and a bubble skirt of great volume. A cream-colored bow at the chest, as well as a cream-colored bow with longer tails at the back of the outfit is attached. A pair of cream-colored stockings and baby pink ballet-flats is worn with the ensemble. Accessories include a pair of cream-colored gloves and a baby pink beret that has a bow at the top.


Though the costume never appeared in the original manga, an illustration done by CLAMP served as inspiration. The colors originally being red and black, the anime adaptation stayed true to the entire design.



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