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Kanji: 記録
Katakana: レコード
Romaji: Kiroku
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 10
First Appearance (Anime): Episode 6

Record (Kanji: 記録, Katakana: レコード, Romaji: Kiroku) is one of the Clear Cards that was captured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards.


Record appears as a viridian-colored old fashioned camera, with a beige lens, a gray microphone on top, and a pair of white wings. It also has a silver arm with a gear-like structure, holding a feather quill on the right side.

Before it was captured it was a disembodied humming that appeared as a group of glowing orbs, as well as a flash of green light in the anime.



Record appears after Sakura thought about how good her friends look when they smile, causing her to hear an unusual sound, finally securing it after Flight.[1]

In the anime, Episode 6 the card appears as a bright light in a picture of the school's music room after hearing Tomoyo and Akiho sing, with testing the card occur in Tomoyo's house.[2]

Examine Use[]

Sakura and Kero test out Record's powers during a call with Yue in Chapter 11, seeing how it can record and project anything. Sakura use it in Chapter 21 to see the past of her mother, but Nadeshiko's spirit stops Sakura from continuing to watch because she may no longer return.

In Chapter 46, Sakura use Record to show Syaoran an image of her dreams. Sakura shows Kero and Spinel an image of the Alice in Clockland book with the Record card in Chapter 57, to what Kero recognizes as a book that Clow Reed had and that was always impossible to record in images. Unsure whether if Sakura have such strong power to show it, or the book wants Sakura to see it.

In Chapter 73, is revealed that Sakura and Syaoran decided to hide Record in Sakura's house, as a safe place to find out what happened if someone turn back time when Sakura created new cards without remembering. When Sakura and Akiho discover Record, it shows them how Sakura asked it to hide until she calls its name, and then shows them a recording that Momo asked it to make in which she tells Sakura about the forbidden magic that would be cast on them.

In the anime, Episode 19 Sakura tries to use it to record the book lecture in the hospital, but ends up inadvertently showing images from 30 years in the past. This leads Kero and Yue to realize how strong Sakura's magic has become, since there are only few magicians who are powerful enough to show the past.

Magical Abilities[]

Recording Magic: Record has the ability to film anything and then project it as a realistic hologram.

Time projection: Allows it to view and record past events that took place in a particular location.

Memory replay: It can access the past memories of a person and replay them, such as their previous dreams.

Floating: Using its wings, Record is able to float just above the ground, and flying around its selected target to record.



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  • Sakura sealing Record from the painting is reminiscent the capture of The Silent in episode 7 of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime).
  • The kanji at the top of the card: 記録 (Pronounced Kiroku) means 'to record or to document' in Japanese.