Red Hearts Dress
Red Hearts Outfit
Used in Clear Card Arc Opening 2
Waterproof Wing Coat Costume
Matching Apron

The Red Hearts Outfit is the costume worn by Sakura Kinomoto that appeared in the opening Rocket Beat of the Clear Card Arc anime. It is also Sakura's battle costume.

Design Description

A spaghetti-strap red dress with its hem in rounded borders. The dress also has a white turtleneck collar. Black lines run down from the top of the dress down to the borders, with a white heart in the middle. The dress is supported with fabric for volume and a pair of white, puffy underpants are worn with the dress. A sheer shawl with the same rounded border is worn with the dress, connected at the front with a heart-shaped brooch bordered with gold, a red teardrop gemstone attached to the bottom of the brooch. The boots are in white, its toe dyed red, along with large red circles running down the sides.



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