Red Shadow Cape Costume
Red Shadow Cape Costume
Used in Episode 2
Platinum Star Dress
Blue Water Jester Costume

The Red Shadow Cape Costume is the first costume designed by Tomoyo Daidouji. In the anime, it was the first battle costume worn by Sakura when she had to capture The Shadow card. Being a leotard, it is also very easy to move around in, which proved useful during the fight. Red Cape Costume Settei

Design Description

A long-sleeved, navy blue leotard with matching thigh-high stockings, along white vest-tailcoat with gold lining is worn over the leotard. A pair of red and white sneakers is worn with this ensemble. Accessories include a pair of white gloves with large cuffs, a large red cape with four long tails, as well as a red bow that pins the cape together, and a red beret hat.



  • It is briefly seen in the opening sequence of Cardcaptors.
  • This is the first battle costume that Sakura wears.
  • The Red Cape costume makes an appearance in episode 40 of the original anime; during Tomoyo's dream, under the Dream Card's effect.


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