Red Winter Coat Outfit
Cheerio V2 PG11
Used in Episode 35
Winged Create Costume
Green Arrow Costume
The Red Winter Coat Outfit is Sakura's casual outfit worn on her visit to the Amusement Park. This outfit was also what Sakura was in when capturing The Firey.

Outfit Description

A turtleneck, pine green, long sleeved top with a scalloped opening worn with a matching pair of pine green shorts with scallop bordering as well. A candy-apple-red dress with a wide opening in the front, as well as a cut-off coat of the same color that is held together with a bright yellow ribbon. A pair of brown, winter boots is worn with the outfit. Accessories include a candy-apple-red hat with a golden pattern on the side of it, as well as a shoulder-strap purse.



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