Remembrance Dress
Memorial Dress
Used in Episode 16
White Sundress And Hat
Pink Yukata
The Remembrance Dress was worn by Sakura when she visited her great-grandfather, Masaki Amamiya, in episode 16. This dress originally belonged to her late mother, Nadeshiko, who was a big fan of Victorian dresses.

Design Description

A cream-beige dress with puffy sleeves and a skirt that goes all the way down to the shins, a white petty-coat beneath the top skirt. A strawberry red layer held together by a chocolate ribbon around the waist goes over the skirt. The dress has a white high collar with trimmed borders, a red brooch worn to hold the collar together. A pair of white socks with scallop bordering and a pair of brown slippers with a hazelnut bow is worn with the ensemble. Accessories include a matching cream-beige sun hat with a chocolate ribbon.



  • In the manga, the dress is originally white with long sleeves, and the brooch is sapphire-blue instead of red.


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