Return Star Cape Costume
Return Star Cape Costume
Used in Episodes 68 & 69
Pink and Purple Hakama
Blue Star Costume

The Return Star Cape Costume costume is used by Sakura to return to Clow Reed’s past and once she returns from his past, she has to face Eriol and convert the two last Clow cards to Sakura cards. The theme of this costume seems to be around the theme of Stars. Red Star Costume Settei

Design Description

This outfit has three main colors, which are yellow, white and red. The costume consists of a body suit, dress and cape. The dress is white and the skirt is split at Sakura’s waist to show the bodysuit but there is also a gap along the centre of the dress where you can see the rest of the bodysuit. The tip of the skirt is yellow and has two yellow buttons on the front of the skirt. The bodysuit is red and it widens at Sakura’s waist. The cape and the rest of the outfit is held together by a large yellow collar with two yellow buttons on the front and a red star. The edge of the collar is serrated and the collar has a white and yellow rimmed fabric overlapping the cape, bodysuit and dress. The cape is very long and extends to just above Sakura’s ankles. The inside of the cape is red, the outside of the cape is white and the bottom of the cape is yellow rimmed with two large red stars on either side of the cape.

The boots of this outfit are knee high and on the top of the boot, there is a pad of yellow and on the rims of the boots, the rim goes outwards and is yellow rimmed with two buttons on either side. Lastly, the hat is cylindrical and it is white and yellow rimmed and on both sides of the hat, there are two buttons.



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