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"Sakura's Never-Ending Day" (さくらの()わらない一日(いちにち), Sakura no Owara nai Ichinichi?) is the 12th episode of the first season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Time and Again".


Sakura messes up during her music test; the next day at school everything repeats in exactly the same way. Syaoran and Sakura realize it's a Clow Card


CCS EP12 - Big Fan

Syaoran being Fujitaka's big fan

Fujitaka is invited to Sakura's school to talk about his occupation and discuss archaeology. Syaoran is entranced and asks questions about what he taught. Fujitaka says that if Syaoran would like to see models, then he could come to his house. Syaoran instantly become a fan and agrees. Yamazaki asks Syaoran if he knows Fujitaka is Sakura's father, Fujitaka just smiles. Syaoran immediately glares at Sakura who is waving nervously, and Syaoran isn't Fujitaka's fan anymore.

Sakura calls out to her father when he's just about to leave. Fujitaka asks Sakura if his lecture was too difficult, Sakura says that it's really interesting and really understandable, Fujitaka says that he's glad. Fujitaka asks Sakura what she wants for dinner, Sakura is surprised and asks if it was her brother's turn to do the dinner. Fujitaka says that Touya has an exam the next day and he switched with Fujitaka. The bell rings and Sakura is upset that recess is already over. Fujitaka says that recess always feel so short. Sakura and Fujitaka wave and Sakura heads back to class.

CCS EP12 - Video games

Kero playing his video games while talking to himself

It's now night and Kero asks himself why Sakura is up late while playing video games. He says that it's time for good little kids to be asleep. Kero's happy that he won the game and says that he did it.

Sakura was making drinks and steamed pork puns for Yukito and Touya while their studying. She starts practising on what she'll say. Touya suddenly opens the door and asks if anything's wrong, Yukito appears behind Touya and says hello. Sakura chickens out and starts stuttering and says "steamed pork buns", Touya takes the tray and says thank you. He asks Yukito is he wants any, Yukito says thank you to Sakura and tells her to go to sleep. Still stuttering, Sakura says ok.

Sakura falls asleep disappointed but is awakened by the elementary school's clock tower bell at midnight, Kero wakes up and asks her is anything happened. Sakura just says that she woke up because of the clock tower.


Kero's data not saved

In the morning the next day, Sakura's late. Sakura has a recorder test, so she brings her recorder, Sakura messes up on one certain part each time, so she's nervous. Kero says that he saved his game data last night, but it says "NO DATA". When it's her turn, her best friend, Tomoyo tells her that it'll be okay and she should relax. Sakura starts playing and it goes good, until her recorder messes up.

It's the end of the day, Tomoyo and Sakura sit near the track. Sakura says that she made a weird noise and is upset about that. Tomoyo says that she did well on the other parts, trying to cheer her up, Sakura says that it's because Tomoyo told her to relax. Sakura says that Tomoyo played very well and she also wished she'd practice some more.

Tomoyo looks up and so does Sakura, they see Syaoran walking by. Sakura says that he's still thinking to himself even though class is over, confused. Tomoyo says that it's maybe because he didn't do well, Tomoyo says that it's dangerous to think while walking. Sakura asks Tomoyo is Syaoran actually came from Hong Kong alone. Tomoyo says that she hasn't heard of his family.

The ball suddenly gets out of control and it goes to Syaoran's direction. Yamazaki asks him to watch out, but Syaoran being good at soccer kicks the ball and it lands into the goal. Everyone is amazed by this and claps.

At night, Fujitaka, Touya and Sakura celebrate Touya and Sakura finishing their exams. They take the glasses and clink then together saying "cheers!" and they drink. Sakura finishes and relaxes saying that it's delicious. Fujitaka says that Sakura did her best and she deserves it. Sakura asks how Touya's exam went, Touya just says "so-so". Sakura then remembers her recorder test and how she made one mistake, she bangs her hands on the table saying she messed up one part. Touya teases her by asking if there are other parts she messed up on, Sakura replies with no and Fujitaka smiles. Fujitaka says that it's not embarrassing to make mistakes. Fujitaka says that even after Sakura's done the test, she should still practice the parts she messed up on. Sakura says ok.

CCS EP12 - Practising

Sakura practicing her recorder

After that, Kero is playing his video-games while Sakura's practicing. Kero and Sakura both finish and Kero is happy that he can save the data. When Sakura's in bed, the clock tower turns back time.

In the morning the next day, Kero's game didn't save and it still says "NO DATA", Kero is upset by this and even asks Sakura if he saved it. While Kero's sad, Sakura says that she'll be late and she has another recorder test? Sakura doesn't question and leaves.

Tomoyo and Sakura walk to school and Tomoyo says that they should try their best with the recorder test, Sakura stops walking and feels weird.

When their doing their recorder test, Tomoyo asks Sakura how she's doing with the song. Sakura says that she practiced the night before. Tomoyo says that it's just like Sakura, and that she'll do fine. Sakura starts realizes that the same thing that happened yesterday is happening again. Sakura asks Tomoyo is there was a recorder test tomorrow, Sakura says that when she finished her test yesterday, Touya, Fujitaka and she celebrated. Tomoyo doesn't understand and asks Sakura if she's nervous, Sakura says that she's not.

CCS EP12 - Relax

Tomoyo telling Sakura to relax....again

The teacher says it's time for Sakura's test, as Sakura goes, Tomoyo does the same thing as before, telling her it'll be alright. Sakura is confused at this action, and suddenly sees Syaoran staring right at her. Sakura does her test, and unlike last time, passes, Sakura finishes and thinks about how today was like yesterday, she asks herself if it's déjà vu.

Tomoyo and Sakura are at the track field once again. Sakura tells Tomoyo about this and Tomoyo asks if it's déjà vu, Tomoyo explains what déjà vu is, but Sakura says that it's really clear in her mind and a boy as well, pointing to the boy. Sakura realizes that it is the same as yesterday, Tomoyo doesn't understand and asks Sakura about it. Sakura says that it's the same as yesterday, she says to Tomoyo that Syaoran will come at any moment and kicks the soccer ball that comes flying towards him.

As if on cue, Tomoyo says that Syaoran is actually there. Sakura's confused because Syaoran's not his usual self. Syaoran walks up to Sakura and asks her if it's a little weird. Sakura doesn't understand and Syaoran says she’d got a recorder test yesterday, Sakura stands up, informing Syaoran that she's surprised that he knows. Syaoran says that they are the only two that have noticed that their repeating the same day as yesterday. Syaoran tells Sakura that it's because of a Clow Card. Sakura's shocked, Syaoran asks her if she didn't feel the presence. Sakura bows her head down, in disappointment.

CCS EP12 - Kick!

Syaoran kicking the ball

Syaoran walks to her and points where he has been feeling the presence. He points to the clock tower. Then suddenly, the ball comes flying for Syaoran once again. Syaoran makes sure the ball doesn't hit him and kicks it to the goal. Sakura says that it's a little different from yesterday. Everyone starts clapping for Syaoran, again.

That night, Sakura, Tomoyo and Kero go out so they can capture the card. Tomoyo makes Sakura a fairy outfit, saying it suits her very well. Kero asks Sakura how she found out where the card is, Sakura was about to answer when Tomoyo interrupts saying that the camera is on stand-by and Kero tells them to go.

Sakura uses Fly so that she can get up to the clock tower. Sakura thinks for a second and she understands that it is a presence of a Clow Card. Sakura gets closer until a strange looking guy uses magic and turns back time. Sakura doesn't understand and asks Kero, Kero can't say anything because time is going back. Time stops and turns back from the time Sakura finished getting into her Fairy outfit.

Sakura asks Kero what card it is, Kero says that it's The Time Card. Kero says that it's a card dealing with time and it freely controls the flow of time. Tomoyo once again says that the camera is stand-by. Sakura once again flies there, Kero says that people with no-magic ability doesn't feel anything when time is controlled. Kero says that Time chose the biggest clock and fused with it. Sakura asks Kero if it'll rewind an entire day, Kero says that the power to rewind occurs once a day, he also says that it's only possible right after midnight. Sakura looks at the tower and realizes that it's almost midnight, Sakura goes forward, but Time stops time and turns it back

CCS EP12 - Arriving

Syaoran arriving

Time turns back to the time where Sakura finished getting into her Fairy outfit, again. Kero says that it's getting tiring repeating the same day three times. Syaoran comes and asks them what their doing, Sakura ignores this and asks him what happened to his face, seeing a bandage there. Tomoyo says that the ball hit his face as he turned around, Sakura says that the ball ended up in the goal anyways. Tomoyo said it was amazing.

Syaoran is flushed and points to the clock tower, saying that Time is fused with the clock tower and you can capture it if you use an offensive card to destroy the clock tower. Tomoyo says that he can't destroy the tower, Syaoran asks why, Sakura replies saying that everyone in Tomoeda relies on that clock. Syaoran asks if she's just going to leave the card there, Sakura says she can't leave it alone, but she says they can't destroy the clock.

Syaoran thinks for a moment, he then says they need to approach it without getting noticed. Syaoran says that since it's a clock tower, you can't fly there as you will get noticed easily, Sakura and Tomoyo then heads to the tower bottom of the tower, going unnoticed. Syaoran is on the roof of the building right beside the tower, getting his grappling hook ready. He then grapples to the top of the tower, Time hears the noise starts to get cautious.

CCS EP12 - Captured? Almost!

Sakura trying to capture time

Sakura then appears behind him, trying to capture him, but Time notices this and starts to turn back time, but then Syaoran breaks the window and tells Sakura to use the Shield card fast. Sakura uses the Shield and shields Tomoyo, Kero, Syaoran and herself. Time notices this and tries to run away, Syaoran looks at him and says that he's trying to run away.

Syaoran uses his sword and he uses one of his ofuda cards, he uses Raitei Shourai and Time stays in place as Sakura captures him. Once he's captured, the card goes to Syaoran instead of Sakura, Sakura asks why. Kero says that the card is owned by the one who turned it back to it's original shape. Sakura says that she's the one that sealed it, Kero says that Syaoran was the one that held back the power of Time, so he got the card.

The next day at school, Sakura spots Tomoyo and says hello. Realizing the recorder, Tomoyo asks if Sakura's ready for the Kanji test that they have today ad asks why she has the recorder. Sakura's shocked and checks her bag for a pencil, Sakura says that she forgot today's schedule and was thinking of yesterday's!


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  • Sakura: Li! Is your face all right?
  • Tomoyo: That's right; the soccer ball hit you in the face when you turned around. But it still went in the goal anyway. It was quite spectacular.


  • The song that Sakura plays during her recorder test is Tomoyo's song, "Yoru no Uta".
  • When Kero finishes a fight in his game, the jingle from Leave it to Kero-chan! plays.