Sakura's Never-Ending Day
Season 1, Episode 12
Episode 12
Air date June 30, 1998
Cards Captured The Time
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Sakura's Never-Ending Day (さくらの終わらない一日, Sakura no Owara nai Ichinichi) is the 12th episode of the first series of Cardcaptor Sakura. The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Time and Again".


Fujitaka is invited to Sakura's school to talk about his occupation and discuss archaeology. Syaoran is entranced and becomes an instant fan until he discovers that Fujitaka is Sakura's father. The next day, Sakura has a recorder test, but fails to hit a couple of notes. She falls asleep disappointed but is awakened by the elementary school's clock tower bell at midnight. Sakura is confused the next day when everything from the previous day happens again. This time, she is approached by Syaoran who explains it might be the work of a Clow Card. After a failed attempt to capture the card and repeating the same day once again, Sakura manages to chase the Time card out of the tower and into Syaoran's thunder ward trap. Since it was Syaoran who changed the card into its original shape, the Clow Card belongs to him.

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  • Sakura: Li! Is your face all right?
  • Tomoyo: That's right; the soccer ball hit you in the face when you turned around. But it still went in the goal anyway. It was quite spectacular.


  • The song that Sakura and her class play during their recorder test is Tomoyo's song, "Yoru no Uta".
  • When Kero finishes a fight in his game, the jingle from Leave it to Kero-chan! plays.


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