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"Sakura's Rival Appears" (さくらのライバル、登場(とうじょう)!, Sakura no Raibaru, Tōjō!?) is the 8th episode of the first season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Sakura's Rival".


A new rival appears as Sakura's class gets a mysterious transfer student from Hong Kong named Syaoran Li. He's after her Clow Cards!


CCS EP08 - Strange Dream

The strange boy in Sakura's dream

Sakura has the same recurring dream she had in episode one, specifically focusing on the boy wielding a sword in Chinese clothing. She hears from both Kero and Yukito that it might be a "foretelling dream".

CCS EP08 - Li Syaoran, Transfer student from Hong Kong

Li Syaoran

The next morning, Syaoran Li, a transfer student from Hong Kong, is introduced to the class and seated behind Sakura. Sakura is bothered, scared and confused by the fact that Syaoran keeps glaring at her back throughout the class. During recess, he corners Sakura and orders her to give him the Clow Cards. However, he's interrupted by Touya, who jumps over the fence that separates his school from Sakura's and tells Syaoran to leave Sakura alone.

On the way home, there is a lightning storm, but no rain. Sakura tells Kero about the situation with Syaoran; Kero explains that Syaoran is from the Li clan, a famous family of incredibly strong and powerful Chinese sorcerers from which Clow's mother descended from.

CCS EP08 - Syaoran give Sakura rude comments

Syaoran's rude comments

The same lightning storm earlier appears and Sakura deploys to battle the Thunder Card . Syaoran demonstrates his command over elemental magic and calls on the thunder god to return the Thunder Card to its original form. He instructs Sakura to use the Shadow Card to encage the Thunder Card so it could be captured. Thanks to Syaoran's constant derogatory remarks, Sakura is left feeling upset after a card capture for the first time.


Featured Cards[]

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  • Yukito: There are things called foretelling dreams.
  • Sakura: (thinking) That's exactly what Kero was saying.
  • Yukito: Actually I had a foretelling dream myself last night. In the dream, my breakfast was a roasted fish. And I really had fish for breakfast. I was so happy I had 6 more bowls of rice!

  • Sakura: Big brother...It's nothing. I just had a weird dream.
  • Touya: Oh, I see...So it was just grunts from a monster...
  • Sakura: What did you say!?

  • Syaoran: You mean to say that THIS is Cerberus, the Golden-Eyed Beast of the Seal.... This plush toy?


Differences between Cardcaptor Sakura and Cardcaptors[]

  • Cardcaptors removed Li's name from the chalkboard and mentioning that he is from Hong Kong.
  • In Cardcaptor Sakura, Syaoran was from the lineage descended from Clow Reed's mother. In Cardcaptors, he's a direct descended of Clow Reed.
  • In an attempt to make Sakura seem braver, a few scenes that showed Sakura being scared around Li were deleted, though there were a few that were still intact.
  • Unlike Sakura Kinomoto's more polite and modest nature, Sakura Avalon was much more assertive and defensive, notably when she told Li to "back off" after the Thunder Card's visible form was exposed. And after Kero bit Li's finger, she said that it "serves him right."
  • In Cardcaptor Sakura, Li used his wind magic to knock the Thunder Card off the roof. In the dub, he used another lightning blast.
  • Some dialogue was added in places where there previously was none.

"Leave it to Kero-chan!" Segment[]

The following costume was the main focus.