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"Sakura's Wonderful Friend" (さくらのすてきなお友達(ともだち), Sakura no Suteki na Otomodachi?) is the 2nd episode of the first season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Partners in Crime".


Sakura finds a large pile of desks and chairs in the school yard. When she returns at night to investigate it, she encounters a new Clow Card.


CCS EP02 - Shocked

Sakura and Cerberus shocked

Sakura wakes up thinking the night before was a dream. Sakura screams when she sees Kero, thinking that he is a talking plush toy, before he reminds her of the previous night's events. Sakura is then called down for breakfast.  

While ready to eat, Touya makes fun of Sakura, telling her he only had to wake her up once. She shouts at him saying that someone woke her up. Realizing her slip, she then replies that it was her alarm clock. She brings Kero some cookies and tells him that he can turn on the TV when everyone leaves. She realizes how late she is and rushes to school. 

CCS EP02 - Finding out

Tomoyo finding out about Cerberus

Sakura is surprised when she arrives first. Her best friend Tomoyo then arrives and shows her a video she'd inadvertently taken of Sakura and Kero's profiles against the moon. Sakura looks at the video, nervous that Tomoyo will find out that she has magical powers. Tomoyo zooms in on the video, confirming that it was Sakura in the video. Sakura screams, causing Kero to emerge from her schoolbag, thinking that there's a Clow Card attacking nearby, and sees Tomoyo staring at him, surprised. Tomoyo then looks at the video again and comments on the "striking resemblance."

CCS EP02 - Desks

The Chairs stacked up

Tomoyo is formally introduced to Cerberus, whom she insists looks more like a "Kero-chan," and is given an explanation of how Sakura came to be the Cardcaptor, much to Tomoyo's delight.

The next day, the students find the school's desks and equipment in a pile outside. Sakura then rushes to the classroom and sees the desks overturned, and she and her classmates groan because they will have to clean it up. Tomoyo arrives and asks Sakura if it could be the work of a Clow card. Kero believes it was the work of a card and forces Sakura to go to school at night where she will confront the card.

CCS EP02 - Red Cape Costume through camcorder

Sakura's outfit for the night

At night, Tomoyo arrives with bodyguards, whom she tells to come pick her up when she calls them. Sakura follows Tomoyo inside the back of her van, revealing a wardrobe of costumes Sakura could wear. When Sakura asks Tomoyo why make costumes, Tomoyo answers that special occasions require special clothes. With that, Sakura changes into her battle costume. Tomoyo even has a costume for Kero.

Sakura hears something in the school track. She sees a light coming from one of the corners, she gets frighten and goes to Tomoyo. Kero says that it’s a presence of a Clow Card. The school's statue appears from around the corner and attacks Sakura. Sakura, Tomoyo and Kero run away. The statue hits the ground but comes back up. It starts floating, Tomoyo tells Sakura there’s no person there, but a shadow. The shadow throws the statue to where Tomoyo and Sakura were standing, and they dodge it.

CCS EP02 - SHADOW minion

The angel (aka one of SHADOW'S minions)

Sakura asks Kero if it’s a Clow Card, but before Kero can answer, more shadows appear. Kero then says that it’s the work of the Shadow Card. Sakura asks Kero to stay with Tomoyo. As Sakura summons her sealing wand, more shadows come for her. Sakura summons Windy, but Windy goes through the Shadows, which regenerate to attack Sakura once again.

At Kero's suggestion, Sakura uses the Fly to escape the shadows. Kero mentions that if there were some sort of light, then the Shadow’s main body would be revealed. With this, Tomoyo gets an idea and runs into the school.

CCS EP02 - Main body of SHADOW

SHADOW'S main body

Meanwhile, the shadow grabs Sakura’s staff. Tomoyo suddenly turns on the school's lights and the shadows disappear, leaving only Shadow’s main body. Sakura uses The Windy once again, this time trapping the Shadow and successfully capturing it.

The next day, Sakura goes to give Tomoyo a thank-you gift and is directed by her friend Chiharu to the Audio-Visual classroom. Sakura goes into the classroom and sees Tomoyo watching the video of the Shadow's capture. Tomoyo asks Sakura to call her every time she captures cards, as well as allow her to make the costumes.


Featured Cards[]

Featured Clothes and Costumes[]


Why did you tag along!?
Well, I wanted to get a glimpse of how the Cardcaptor usually spends her day.

I've been saying, I can't be the Cardcaptor!
Humble, so humble...

What is it?
A plush toy?
Kero (Kero hits Sakura on the head)
You're still not awake, come on. Get a grip!

Difference between the manga and episode[]

  • Syaoran doesn't have any appearance to capture The Shadow card.
  • The Shadow used the students' shadows instead of the pedestrians'.
  • Sakura doesn't use The Thunder card to capture The Shadow because Sakura hadn't caught Thunder yet. Thunder was caught in episode 8.


  • This is the first episode where Sakura and Kero wore their costumes together.

"Leave it to Kero-chan!" Segment[]

The following costume was featured.