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"Sakura, Kero, and the Sweet Meeting" (さくらとケロのお菓子(かし)出会(であ), Sakura to Kero no Okashi na Deai?) is the 10th episode of the third season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Spinning Out of Control".


Sakura's school is hosting a bazaar, and Kero attends to eat sweets, hiding in the woods. Nakuru, meanwhile, brings Spinel Sun along and hides him in the same forest while she attends the bazaar. Kero meets Suppie (the pet name Nakuru gave him) but is completely oblivious to his true nature and befriends him, forcing him to eat some of the sweets. As a result, Spinel becomes intoxicated by the sugar and goes on an eating binge throughout the school. Kero, who is unable to explain the predicament to Sakura, asks her to use the Sleep card on all the customers, allowing him to get rid of Suppie (though Sakura did not see him and blamed Kero for everything that happened).



Featured Cards[]

Cards Transformed[]


  • Spinel Sun: (after accidentally encountering with Kero) Kerberos...!
  • Kero: That's-
  • Spinel Sun: This is not good! If he figures out who I am, Eriol won't be able to move around freely.
  • Kero: You... you... you have a big head!

  • Yukito: Thank you for inviting me.
  • Sakura: (blushing) It's no problem.
  • Touya: So where's our food?
  • Sakura: Big brother!
  • Yukito: (after eating) You look really cute!
  • Touya: Just the clothes.


  • There is a stall with some stuffed toys shown. Some of them are characters, Piglet and Tigger, from the TV and book series, Winnie the Pooh.