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"Sakura, Panda, and the Cute Shop" (さくらとパンダとかわいいお(みせ), Sakura to Panda to Kawaii Omise?) is the 5th episode of the first season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Trouble at Twin Bells".


Sakura and her friends are excited about the new toy store on their school route, but its owner claims that everything she sells comes back to the store.


CCS EP05 - Girl Sleeping

A girl sleeping

The episode begins with a girl sleeping surrounded by her stuffed toys. One of her stuffed toys suddenly starts moving and tries to get out of the girl's room. While it's doing this, the other stuffed toys start moving as well. They start to jump on the girl's bed as each hop out of her room. 

CCS EP05 - Helping Maki

Sakura helping Maki

The next day, Sakura rollerblades to school, but stops when she notices a woman and a new shop. The woman tries putting the boxes down to unpack, but they fall. Upon seeing this, Sakura immediately rushes over to help. The woman thanks Sakura and informs her that the shop is opening that day and introduces herself as Maki Matsumoto, the owner of Twin Bells. Maki tells Sakura that she should stop by Twin Bells after school with her friends. Sakura responds with a yes and smiles brightly. Maki again tries to take out the boxes, but they fall. 

CCS EP05 - Cheerleading talk

Chiharu and Sakura talking about Twin Bells

After their cheerleading club has finished for the day, Sakura's friend Chiharu then asks her about the new shop that's opening and, being a huge fan of stuffed toys and plushies, asks if they can go. Sakura says that she can go. Chiharu also mentions that she invited Rika and Naoko. Sakura replies that she promised Tomoyo that she would go with her and suggests that they all go together, to which Chiharu agrees.

Sakura then hears Tomoyo practicing for the Choir Club and narrates how Tomoyo's singing is very lovely and that she has won many competitions. Tomoyo notices Sakura and smiles at her.

CCS EP05 - Excited Sakura

Sakura excited to go to Twin Bells

After school, Sakura and her friends go to Twin Bells. When they arrive, Twin Bells has opened up, but Sakura doesn't see Maki. They look inside and see boxes scattered everywhere. They then see Maki try to put a box somewhere, only to fall. 

Sakura enters and is welcomed by Maki, who apologizes about the mess. Sakura asks if she and her friends can help, but Maki said that she can't let her customer's do that. Sakura insists, wanting to see the cute toys, so Maki gives in, and they start working. Once they all get Twin Bells cleaned up, Maki treats them to tea and cookies and Chiharu suggests that they all go to the shop the next day.

As they're talking, one of the boxes topples down and the stuffed toys within spill out. The panda plushie bounces to Chiharu and she hugs it, saying that it's really cute. Chiharu then decides to buy it, much to Maki's apparent dread.

Sakura and the group then go to Chiharu's house, where Sakura sees a "Safari of Plushies" in Chiharu's room.

CCS EP05 - Stuffie Room

Chiharu's "Stuffie Safari"

As Chiharu goes to lead them to the living room, she stops when she hears a thud. The girls return to Chiharu's room and see all the stuffed toys scattered everywhere. Chiharu then notices that the panda plushie is gone. She gets scared that there might have been a burglar and starts crying in Sakura's arms.

The next day at school, Tomoyo and Sakura talk about what happened while watching Sakura's brother Touya play soccer. Tomoyo mentions that when she was talking to her mother about there having possibly been a burglar at Chiharu's house, her mother mentioned that there was a shop where something bad happens if you buy something from there. Sakura then asks if she was talking about Maki's shop, but Tomoyo says that she doesn't know for sure; just that it's a rumor within the toy industry.

CCS EP05 - Listening

Sakura and Tomoyo listening to Maki's story

Sakura and Tomoyo return to Twin Bells, where Sakura notices the panda plushie Chiharu had bought. A horrified Maki then explains that her business, which she had opened in honor of her late husband, has been plagued by mysterious thefts, all for which she has been blamed. This has caused her to move from town to town, and she's now on the verge of shutting it down for good.

At Sakura's house, she and Tomoyo inform Kero about the shop and Sakura asks if there are any Clow Cards that collect stuffed toys, to which Kero responds that he can't think of any. Sakura suggests that Kero go with them to Twin Bells and identify if there is an actual Clow Card there. Kero hesitates at first, but then agrees after seeing Sakura's determination.

Accompanied by Kero, Sakura and Tomoyo return to the shop. As Tomoyo keeps Maki occupied, Kero and Sakura go through all the stuffed toys, trying to find the Clow Card. Kero feels the Clow Card's presence under the table. Sakura looks under and sees the panda there. The panda starts rolling away, but Sakura catches it. Kero then says that the card got away, leaving Sakura to go through the plushies.

CCS EP05 - Sakura pulls The Jump out of a box

Sakura finding THE JUMP.

As Tomoyo continues stalling Maki, Sakura catches a plushie and Kero says that she caught the card, identifying it as The Jump Card. The Jump controls all of the stuffed toys, which catches Maki's attention and causes her to faint. The Jump breaks out of the shop, taking the plushies with it, and Sakura and Kero follow, leaving Tomoyo with Maki. After being attacked by stuffed toys, Sakura sees the Jump and catches it. The Jump leaps to the sky, taking Sakura with it until it slips out of her grasp, sending her plummeting.

Sakura saves herself by using The Fly and pursues Jump to Penguin Park, where it keeps eluding her. She uses The Wood to trap it just as Tomoyo arrives with her camcorder. Before Sakura can seal it, the Jumps assimilates the stuffed toys and grows to a gargantuan size. It then pursues Sakura, only to knock itself out after losing its balance and reverting to its original size, enabling Sakura to capture it.

CCS EP05 - Buying a Lion

Chiharu buying a Lion

The next day, Twin Bells is open for business, with many schoolchildren enjoying the toys. Chiharu buys a lion plushie to be her panda's friend. Both she and Maki express surprise that the panda plushie returned.

Sakura comments to Kero what he'd said about there being no Cards made to steal plushies and Kero speculates that Jump, being like a plushie itself, wanted some friends. Sakura then accidentally knocks over a display, leaving Kero to comment that Jump won't be the only one bothering Maki.


Featured Cards[]


  • Maki: (to Tomoyo and Sakura about why she runs a shop) I was engaged. He was a designer, but he died in a car accident...He loved plush toys, and...told me that he wanted to sell plush toys, and that he'd designed in his own shop.
  • Sakura: Miss Maki...
  • Maki: If I quit...he'll be sad...But I can't do this anymore...

  • Sakura: Kero, you said that there wouldn't be a card stupid enough to collect plush toys...
  • Kero: Well, Jump in itself is like a plush toy. Maybe it just wanted friends?

  • Sakura: A shop where something bad happens to you when you buy stuff there? You don't mean...getting something stolen?
  • Tomoyo: Yes.
  • Sakura: And that's Miss Maki's shop?
  • Tomoyo: I can't say that for sure, it's a rumor in the toy store industry.

  • Sakura: (thinking) Tomoyo's in the choir. She's really good at singing and has won many competitions. (listens to Tomoyo sing) It's a beautiful voice.

  • Kero: (talking to a cat plushie) You're pretty good-looking.
  • Sakura: What are you doing?!

"Leave it to Kero-chan!" Segment[]

The Kinomoto House was featured.

Differences between Cardcaptor Sakura and Cardcaptors[]

  • Maki/Maggie's backstory wasn't present in the Nelvana dub.
  • The montage of Sakura and her friends from school helping Maki/Maggie set up her shop was shortened in the Nelvana dub.
  • When the Jump Card caused the stuffed toys to bounce around the shop, the scene with them forming into a huge ball was cut.


  • In the manga, The Jump was captured at the Tokyo Tower, not Penguin Park.