Sakura, Syaoran, and the Invisible Threads
Season 3, Episode 50
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Air date September 28, 1999
Cards Transformed The Sword
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Sakura and the Big Teddy Bear

Sakura, Syaoran, and the Invisible Threads (さくらと小狼とみえない糸, Sakura to Syaoran to Mienai Ito) is the 50th episode of Cardcaptor Sakura. The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "The Threads That Bind".


Sakura wakes up early in the morning, and begins to wonder why she senses Clow Reed every time something strange happens. At school, Rika shows everyone a teddy bear she made and tells Sakura that if you give a teddy bear to the person you love with the same name as you, you will be loved in return. Rika gives one to Mr.Terada, and Sakura decides to give one to Yukito. After school, she stops at a store so she can buy things to make the bear. At the store, she runs into Eriol who is buying threads.

That night, she begins to make her bear, and is not pleased with it. Then she and Kero sense Clow Reed and head out to investigate. Syaoran and Tomoyo also show up. All of a sudden, Syaoran tries to slash Sakura with his sword. However, he says that his body is moving against his will. Fortunately, he is able to cast a water spell around himself, revealing a set of invisible strings controlling his movements, which Sakura cuts with the transformed Sword card. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Eriol was the one manipulating Syaoran and that he is the reincarnation of Clow Reed. He has two servants: Spinel Sun, a beast similar to Kerberos, and Ruby Moon, the true form of Nakuru.

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  • Early one morning, Touya and Yukito are playing a soccer match at Seijyo High School. During the match, the soccer jerseys read "Seijyo." However, after Touya scores a goal and Yukito compliments him, the jersey now reads "Seijo" without the "y."


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