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"Sakura, Touya, and Cinderella" (さくらと桃矢(とうや)とシンデレラ, Sakura to Touya to Shinderera?) is the 14th episode of the first season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Play Misty for Tori".


Sakura and Tomoyo visit Touya and Yukito’s campus for their high school festival. An incident occurs during the “Cinderella” play the two boys are in.


CCS EP14 - Happy

Sakura running around cheerful

Sakura and Tomoyo are invited to the high school culture festival by Touya and Yukito. When they arrive there, Sakura is super happy and excited. Tomoyo says that Sakura seems very happy, Sakura says ‘yeah’ and has a flashback on how Yukito gave the ticket to her. While Sakura’s remembering this, Tomoyo interrupts her and says how lovely she was while she was lost on her memories.

Touya and Yukito’s class is preparing for their play, “Cinderella”. A random guy tells Touya - who is sewing - that the shoe broke, Touya just says to make up for it with his guts. The girls approach Touya and say that’s he’s doing great at sewing. One of the girls ask him if he’s good at stuff like sewing, Touya only says “So-so”. They start squealing and jumping, one of them says that he’ll make a good husband.

A strange girl in the corner looks at Touya with a sad smile.

Tomoyo and Sakura bought some food and are headed to Yukito and Touya's classroom. Sakura remembers Kero and says that he would be mad if he knew. Sakura suddenly remembers something and tells Tomoyo that Kero asked her to buy souvenirs. Sakura runs up to find Yukito’s classroom. She sees Yukito welcoming some girls inside. Yukito, Sakura and Tomoyo say hello to each-other and Yukito says that his class is doing a “Traditional Candy Shop”.

CCS EP14 - Welcome

Yukito welcomes Sakura and Tomoyo

Yukito welcomes Sakura and Tomoyo in and asks what they would like. He says that they have Ramune Soda and Cold Candy-Water. Tomoyo says that she'll have Cold Candy-Water, while Sakura wants Ramune Soda. Yukito comes back with their orders and Tomoyo says that she likes the water. Sakura says that she feels like someone is watching her.

Sakura looks to the side and sees Syaoran there, glaring at them, hard. Yukito asks him for another one, Syaoran stops glaring, blushes and shakes his head. Tomoyo whispers to Sakura, saying that Syaoran has been here for a long time, seeing all the empty bottles on the floor behind him. Syaoran is still mad and jumps to where Sakura is and glares at her.

Yukito gives Syaoran another bottle and says that his shift is done, he asks them if they want him to show them around the school, Syaoran and Sakura both ask at the same time if it’s alright. They look to each-other and glare.

Touya and his other classmates are by the stairs - bringing something up - and one of them says that the item (which is a treasure box) is heavy and falls. The other guy asks Touya if he’s not a robot, the other one corrects him with gorilla. Touya gets mad at them for not focusing.

Up above, the strange girls (who's name is Yoko) friends says that Touya is a really cool boy. One of them says that she was scared of him at the beginning, but realizes that he has a soft side, they then list all of his pros. One of them asks Yoko is she thinks so too. Yoko is embarrassed and asks them to why they are asking her. Her friends then list all of her pros and said that she’d get along very well with Touya.

Yoko gets mad and tells them that it’s none of their business and leaves. One of her friends say that Yoko really does like Touya. The other friend says that everyone who asks Touya out gets denied.

CCS EP14 - Bunny

Sakura's stuffed doll

Sakura spots a cute bunny stuffed doll. Syaoran makes fun of her for liking these things. Sakura argues with him saying that it’s cute. One of the basketball members says that if someone can dribble past 5 members of the varsity and scores, then that person will win the stuffed animal. The guys says that it’s 100 Yen per try. Yukito decides to do it and gives the guy 100 Yen, the guy’s surprised but still lets him.

Yukito swirls the basketball with a finger and tells them to wait. Yukito then dribbles past all the 5 guys and puts the ball in the hoop. Syaoran and Sakura start clapping at the same time, they look at each-other, crosses their arms and looks away. The basketball guy says that nobody from their team could beat Yukito. Yukito gives the stufffed doll to Sakura, Syaoran gets jealous.

Yukito sees this and gives the guy 200 Yen, saying that he needs to buy 2 more stuffed dolls. After that, Tomoyo and Syaoran now have a stuffed doll just like Sakura. The guy then calls Yukito, asking if he wants to join the basketball club. Yukito waves at him and says that he’ll think about it.

When their walking back, Yukito says that it’s almost time for the play. Sakura asks if Touya is in it, Yukito nods and Sakura wonders what role he is. Yukito just laughs and says that she’ll have to wait and find out. Syaoran blushes and asks him if he’s in the play, stuttering, Yukito says that he is in the play. Syaoran asks what role he is and Yukito says he’s playing the role of a “Can With Mackerel”. Tomoyo, Syaoran and Sakura are all shocked. Sakura says that it’s a yummy role. Yukito tells Sakura that she’s right, he says that can of mackerel is really good.

CCS EP14 - Gust of wind

The gust of wind outside

Touya and Yukito’s class are getting ready for their play. A weird gust of wind appears to move outside the auditorium. Before the play, a girl plays a song on the piano. The speaker tells everyone that Class D will be going to play Cinderella. Syaoran asks Sakura why there would be can with mackerel in Cinderella. Before Sakura could answer, the play starts.

The curtains open, revealing Touya, who is playing the role of Cinderella. Sakura doesn’t recognize him until he turns around and reveals himself. Sakura falls down. The whole audience shouts his name, Tomoyo then tells Sakura that Touya is really popular at his school. The play continues on, Sakura still being embarrassed. When Touya says he also wants to go to the ball, Syaoran says that Touya doesn’t look like he wants to go to the ball.

The suddenly, they hear a “hello!” Sakura and Syaoran look up and hear everyone screaming. It’s revealed that the voice comes from Yukito, Sakura and Syaoran are both happy. Tomoyo tells Sakura that it seems Yukito is also very popular. Yukito then gives a ticket to Touya, saying that he can attend the ball with that ticket. Touya asks why Yukito is giving the ticket to him and Yukito says that he’s a sorcerer. Touya asks what’s on his head, Yukito says that a can if mackerel is in his head. Sakura and Syaoran both fall this time, embarrassed.

The strange gust of wind from outside suddenly starts to go over the building, wrapping the school up with the wind. It starts to go inside the school.

The speaker says that it’s time for the prince to enter. It’s revealed that the prince is none other then Yoko Nakagawa, the strange girl from before. The play continues on, at the part where Cinderella comes to the ball. Sakura gets embarrassed at what her brother’s wearing.

CCS EP14 - Dancing

Touya and Yoko dancing

Touya and Yoko start dancing, Sakura and Syaoran say that the play is weird at the same time again. They look at each and then look away, again. As the strange wind from before comes underneath the stage, Sakura and Syaoran both feel something.

Yoko and Touya are now up high, then suddenly, before Yoko and Touya could kiss, the wind comes back again and breaks the pillar that’s supporting the high place. The curtains suddenly close and everyone gets worried. Sakura and Syaoran both run up and they head towards the lighting room where Sakura summons The Shadow card to capture the Mist card and Syaoran summons the wind to save the falling Touya and Yoko. Yoko’s friends run to her and are glad that’s she’s safe. Yukito asks Touya is he’s fine, Touya said that he managed to survive, then he looks up to the lighting room.

CCS EP14 - Sad

Tomoyo's sad

It's now the end of the festival and Tomoyo’s sad that she couldn’t capture Sakura’s lovely moments, Tomoyo then says that she’s glad it didn’t turn out to be a big problem. Sakura then looks at Syaoran and says ‘thanks’ to him for he long her out. Syaoran then blushes, and turns around, arms crossed he says that he doesn’t remember helping her out.

Sakura spots Yukito and Syaoran tells him that he was good as a can of mackerel, Yukito says thanks. Sakura asks him if he knows where Touya is, Yukito says that he got pulled aside.

On the school roof, Yoko and Touya are there. Yoko confesses to Touya that she likes him, but Touya said he likes someone else. Yoko says that it’s okay and sees that the bonfire is starting. She asks Touya is he could do a favour for her. Touya and is shocked and keys her continue, she asks him if he could dance with her and Touya nods.

CCS EP14 - Dancing -2

Touya and Yoko dancing at the bonfire

In the bonfire, lots of couples are dancing and we see Yoko and Touya dancing together. Sakura recognizes her brother and is shocked to see him dancing with a girl. Yoko then thanks him, for dancing with her. Yoko tells Touya that he’s acting too cool. Touya returns to Sakura, Yukito, Tomoyo and Syaoran.

Yukito asks if Sakura would like to dance with him, before getting an answer, Yukito grabs Sakura’s hand and leads her to the bonfire. Syaoran is jealous and sad. Tomoyo is happy that she could film Sakura dancing with her crush.


Featured Cards[]


  • (Touya and Yukito are both in the play, and Sakura, Tomoyo, and Syaoran are amongst the crowd watching)
  • Yukito: You seem to be in a bind, Cinderella, here. (Hands Touya a card)
  • Touya: This is an invitation to the ball. But why would you...?
  • Yukito: It's because I am a sorcerer.
  • Touya: What's that on your head?
  • Yukito: A can of mackerel. This discarded can of mackerel gained magical powers as time passed!
  • (Sakura and Syaoran fall from their seats, embarrassed)
  • Syaoran: W-Why a can of mackerel?
  • Tomoyo: Perhaps it's to raise public awareness about not wasting things?