Sakura, Yukito, and the Summer Festival
Season 1, Episode 18
Episode 18
Air date August 18, 1998
Cards Captured The Glow
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Sakura and the Summer Holiday Homework

Sakura, Yukito, and the Summer Festival (さくらと雪兎と夏祭り, Sakura to Yukito no Natsumatsuri) is the 18th episode of the first series of Cardcaptor Sakura. The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "A Fair to Remember".


Sakura was having a dream and she notices glowing dots floating and one of them lands on the tip of her finger and begins to glow brightly. Sakura wakes up wondering what is that then Kero asked what is it and she screams prompting Kero to remark that was rude and asked what is it. She tells him that she forget what is it and tells him that she was surprise and forgot about it. He tells her that dream is important and not to forget it. She agrees and looks at her window at the nice breeze. Kero looks at the sky knowing that summer is almost over and asked Sakura if she did her summer vacation homework and she looks at her desk seeing her books.

Sakura checks the fridge and leaves to buy some ingredients for the okonomiyaki and Kero was delighted at that. While on the way she notices in the board there will be summer festival tonight and decides to invite Tomoyo. After shopping she arrives at Yukito's house but no one is home and sadly sighs. But she hears Yukito calling her and sees him sitting in his roof and he invites her for tea.

Later while on the way home Yukito helps Sakura carrying her shopping bag and she tells that the Gelatin in the fridge was belong to Touya and ate it. Sakura then bumps into Touya who was on his way home from his part-time job and realizes that Sakura who ate his gelatin and Sakura was surprised. Later at home while preparing the okonomiyaki Sakura tells Touya he surprised her and he tells her because she isn't looking where she was going. Yukito asked Sakura about the festival and she tells him that she will go and invite Tomoyo and Touya if they want to go too.

Tomoyo tells Sakura she will go. Sakura brings the okonomiyaki to Kero who was happy at the nice smell of the food and decides what kinomo she going to wear and choose which her father made for her. Kero tells Sakura to buy something for him. Later that night, Sakura visits a festival with Tomoyo, Yukito, and Touya. They meet Syaoran who is already there having fun and win some prices and give Yukito some food he earned and then Touya challenges Syaoran to win the bunny prize.

After meeting Chiharu and Yamazaki who arrived except for Naoko and Rika who have piano lessons and tells about the water balloon and Chiharu struggles him, Sakura and Yukito wander away from the group where they find glowing lights falling from a tree like snow at the back of the shrine - just like the dream Sakura envisioned the night before. Just as Sakura is about to tell Yukito something, she is interrupted by their friends. When everyone leaves for snow cones, Sakura captures the Glow Card.

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  • Yamazaki: Do you know what the origin of the water yo-yo is? It was first seen in the Edo era, and it was more like a regular summer past time for peasants.
  • Sakura: Wait, did they have rubber way back then?
  • (Sakura holds up the water yo-yo)
  • Sakura: This is rubber, right?
  • Tomoyo: Yes.
  • Yamazaki: Yeah, so they used to make it out of glass.
  • Chiharu: It's getting pretty fishy now...
  • Sakura: Glass? Then they couldn't play with it like this- (Sakura bounces the water yo-yo into her palm)
  • Yamazaki: No, the classy people invented ways to play with it without breaking it.
  • Chiharu: It's a lie, a lie.

  • Sakura: Aren't you bored just watching, Tomoyo?
  • Tomoyo: No, I'm having a very fun time because I'm able to film you having fun, Sakura.
  • (Sakura falls over embarrassed)