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"Sakura, the Clock, and a Hide-and-Seek Game" (さくらと時計(とけい)とかくれんぼ, Sakura to Tokei to Kakurenbo?) is the 8th episode of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card.


Sakura finds out that Akiho has moved into the mansion formerly inhabited by Clow Reed's reincarnation, Eriol. She pays a visit with Tomoyo and meets Kaito, the butler who's been taking care of Akiho since her childhood.


Sakura Kinomoto walks to school with Akiho Shinomoto and Tomoyo Daidouji. Akiho invites them and Syaoran to go to her house. Syaoran Li says he can't go and Sakura asks if he can hangout on Sunday instead. He says yes. Sakura goes to Cheerleading club and can hear Tomoyo and Akiho practice their singing. Sakura goes home and is surprised to see Touya Kinomoto. One of his jobs was cancelled so he decided to come home and make dinner. He almost asks her an important question but decides against it. She's about to change her clothes when she gets another vision. It is the same one she's been having and she yells at the figure asking who they are. Kero is hovering over her when she wakes up on the floor. Tomoyo and Sakura arrive to Akiho's house which turns out to be Eriol's old home. They are introduced to Kaito who is Akiho's caretaker. Akiho shows Tomoyo and Sakura the library after they have tea. Sakura senses a card nearby and captures it after Akiho leaves to fetch a specific book. It turns out to be the Lucid card. Akiho returns with the book called "Alice in Clockland." Sakura notices that the design on the book is the same design she's been seeing in her dreams. Sakura says she can't read it because it's in an unknown language. Akiho says she's self-taught herself and can read some of it. As she goes to read, Kaito calls and asks if they want refreshments. They leave the library and the book glows in their absence. Ruby Moon is yelling at Spinel Sun as she is worried about Sakura and Yue and Touya. She wants to go help them but Eriol Hiiragizawa tells her that they are waiting for the right time. Syaoran stares at his Rashinban.


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  • Tomoyo: I'll make them look beautiful, for both of you!