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"Sakura, the Fire and Water Bird" (さくらと(ほのお)(みず)(とり), Sakura to Honoō to Mizunotori?) is the 18th episode of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card.


When Sakura senses a card late at night, she heads to Tsukimine Shrine with Kero-chan, Tomoyo, and Syaoran.


After showing to Akiho and the others the picture book she got from Rika, Sakura and Akiho have another shared dream.

Meanwhile, with Syaoran's help, Sakura manages to capture the card "Blaze" and rushes back home, unaware that Touya has already realized that she is not in her room. Yue inquires Touya again about the new powers he obtained, but Touya insists that the time to reveal them has not yet arrived.


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  • Akiho: "Let's see. This should go right here. Kaito."
  • Kaito: "I hope I'm not interrupting."
  • Akiho: "Oh no. Sakura gave me a book and I was putting it up."
  • Kaito: "An Alice book?"
  • Akiho: "Uh-huh. I love all books, but in the end, I don't know."
  • Kaito: "The Alice ones are special, right?"
  • Akiho: "They are."
  • Kaito: "Especially...Alice in Clockland. "
  • Akiho: "Uh, Kaito?"
  • Kaito: "I was thinking of making some hot coca. Would you like some?"
  • Akiho: "Sounds lovely. Why didn't you call me in the library?"
  • Kaito: "I thought about it, but then I realized you might be too absorbed in your books to hear it. I was also curious."
  • Akiho: "You were?"
  • Kaito: "When you came home from school, well, you seemed a little down."
  • Akiho: "I'm sorry."
  • Kaito: "There is nothing to apologize for."

  • Touya: "That was sudden. But I guess it's okay since Dad's not home."
  • Yue: "Try not to worry. She's on her way back."
  • Touya: "Are you sure?"
  • Yue: "Yes. I sense her."
  • Touya: "Well, that's handy."
  • Yue: "Sometimes, I cannot sense her. There are times when I'm unable to trace the mark of my master's power."
  • Touya: "What times?"
  • Yue: "There's not an sort of pattern."
  • Touya: "Her power's gotten strong, even I'm starting to sense it more often."
  • Yue: "Perhaps It's because your power is returning. What do you intend to use that power for?"
  • Touya: "I won't say."
  • Yue: "Why not?"
  • Touya: "Didn't I mention before that you and Yuki are a lot alike?"
  • Yue: "Yes, though I disagree."
  • Touya: "No surprise there. It's my power. I'll be the one who decides when and how I'll use it. You're so easy to read."
  • Yue: "How do you mean?"
  • Touya: "When you're angry or upset, you may try to hide it, but it shows on your face. Like that. Yuki told me your name. But, uh, please don't be mad at him, okay? It seems strange not knowing your name. Especially since you been around for so long. So I asked him."
  • Yue: "It's not as if i can rebuke him."
  • Touya: "Yeah, good point. I'll do whatever I can for my family. For Sakura, no matter what happens. I'm sure of that."
  • Yue: "You always have been very loyal."
  • Touya: "So just wait a little bit longer, Yue."