Sakura, the Mirror and the Key of Memories
Season 1, Episode 21
Episode 21 - Sakura, the Mirror and the Key of Memories
Air date June 3, 2018
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"Sakura, the Mirror and the Key of Memories" (さくらと鏡と思い出の鍵, Sakura to Kagami to Omoide no Kagi) is the twenty-first episode of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc.


Sakura is given a ride home with her maternal great-grandfather, but she detects something very unusual along the way that she thinks that another Clear Card is wreaking havoc.

Meanwhile, Cerberus is furious at what is happening to Sakura, that he cannot even truly help his master and good friend. Eriol looks at the Clear Cards that have been already secured by Sakura. At home, Sakura's gift from her great-grandfather is revealed to be a jeweled, silver key in a red box.

Featured Cards

Clear Cards

Clear Cards Used

Clear Cards Sealed

Clothes and Costumes

Eriol Hiiragizawa

Magical Objects

  • Eriol's Sun/Star Staff
  • Unknown Magical Relic (flashback)


  • It is revealed that Fujitaka was, in fact, aware of his children possessing increasingly powerful magical strength and unique abilities related to sun, moon and star magic, and to the spirits. Not possessing any such mystical prowess himself, he had always felt left out.
  • Episode 21, based on chapter 22 of the manga and changed differently in the anime adaptation, Sakura's great-grandfather Masaki gave her an gift of a key belongs to her late mother was originally a watch pendant from the manga version.


  • Yue: "Have you connected that magic association?"
  • Eriol: "I did, though their response was ambiguous. But I did learn one thing."
  • Yue: "Which was?"
  • Eriol: "That this Yuna D. Kaito was excommunicated last year."
  • Keroberos (incredulously): ""From the association? As long a you have very strong magic and follow the rules they have, you're good. Other than that, you can pretty much do whatever you like. What did he do to get excommunicated!?
  • Eriol: "I did not know. So I looked into it via another source."
  • Keroberos: "The kid's mother?"
  • Yue: "What did you learn?"
  • Eriol: "He was excommunicated because he lost a powerful relic that was never supposed to be removed from the association."
  • Keroberos: "He lost it!? Is he some kind of klutz?"
  • Eriol: " That's what they wrote in the records. But the rumors suggest that he simply took the object and left."
  • Keroberos: "Would they even allow that?"
  • Eriol: "No, obviously they would not. However, their hands are tied. They're stuck."
  • Yue: "Why?"
  • Eriol: "Well, because no is able to defeat him. He has the "D" title, after all.The association was hiding that relic, which means it was probably taboo. They're afraid of both his power and that of the relic. That's why there is nothing they can do, because of the extent of his strength."
  • Yue: "Just what can the relic do? Is truly that strong?"
  • Eriol: "If you're asking whether it is much more powerful than I right now, then yes it is. The Li family attempted to discover the exact mighty powers it holds but failed."
  • Keroberos:"That's pretty serious if even they couldn't find out."

(All three are silent)

  • Yue: "And our master. What of her?"
  • Eriol: "Sakura doesn't rely on objects that someone else has made, nor is she even aware when she creates the cards that embody her magic. In other words: She has created her very own magical objects."
  • Keroberos: "Ah. So when she displayed the ability to show the past, that was her under own strength. She didn't know she was even doing it."
  • Yue: "Why not say something sooner?"
  • Eriol: "Sakura's powers are tremendously strong, but they are also very chaotic. She is unable to control them most of the time. Additionally, I still don't have the faintest idea what Yuna D. Kaito wants from her. But if I had to hazard a guess- I would say he's after Sakura's new Cards."
  • Keroberos: "Right. I get not tellin' her any of this. But why not me and Yue?"
  • Eriol: "Because the worry would have shown on your face, that she'd know something was wrong."
  • Keroberos: "What!? Whatever! I have an awesome poker face!"
  • Eriol: "Yes, you do. Yue, however, does not."
  • Yue: "What now?"
  • Keroberos: "Yeah, that's true. He's terrible whenever it concerns Sakura."
  • Yue: "Shut up."


  • Keroberos: "Whoa! What the...? Eriol! Can't you fight back!!?"
  • Yue: "We have to discern were the attacker is first."
  • Eriol: "You needn't do anything.The assailant is targeting me."
  • Keroberos: "Duh, that's why we gotta help you!!"
  • Eriol: "Don't worry. I'll do everything I can from here. Watch over Sakura and Syaoran Li. Please help them."


(Looks up to see his supremely powerful star-and-sun scepter partially cracked)

  • Eriol (to himself): "This is indeed a very powerful enemy, Sakura."


(Having just severed the strong mystical link of communication between Eriol, Yue and Kero)

  • Kaito: "I expected no less of Mr. Eriol. I always wondered why they say he is one of the most powerful of living magicians. And now I know. This watch, which has remained intact all this time, has finally broken. Still, I will obtain these new cards. Then I can use the relic from the association and activate that magic spell."


  • Syaoran (thinking): "Of course it worked, because your magic is just that strong. Mother and Hirragizawa said the same thing: "Powers that are too strong will eventually bring unhappiness to their possessor." Even though that's not what you want."


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