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"Sakura, the Pool, and the Huge Wave" (さくらとプールと(おお)きな(なみ), Sakura to Pūru to Ōkina Nami?) is the 17th episode of the third season Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "A Wave of Danger".


Sakura and her friends go spend the day at a new indoor water park, Touya , Yukito and Nakuru are also there working. Tomoyo tells Sakura that Kero would find a way to go with them. He is in Sakura's swimsuit bag in her locker, scaring a girl outside the locker. Sakura and her friends buy cream sodas while being served by Yukito and Nakuru. Kero sneaks into the cafeteria where Sakura and the others are unnoticed. He was happy to see Sakura and Syaoran has some of them and chooses Sakura rather than Syaoran knowing he will notice. While Sakura and the others are talking about the wave pool, Kero climbs behind Sakura and drinks all her cream soda and heads to the bush. Sakura then continues drinking her cream soda not knowing her glass is empty as she sips on her straw. Tomoyo asked her what's wrong and she tells her that her cream soda is gone. Syaoran asks if she drank it all, and she replies that she did not, and it was full while they were talking. They hear a rustling noise and see Kero's tail in the bushes and Sakura checks it out. She screams her usual catchphrase,"Kero, no!", nearly blowing her cover, Chiharu was stunned wondering what it was. While the others are in the pool. Sakura, Syaoran and Tomoyo go where no people are and they lecture Kero who was hiding in Syaoran's swimming cloth. They felt Clow's aura and the pool where the others are and where Eriol causes the water to rise to dangerous levels. When Rika, who has trouble swimming, nearly drowns, Sakura uses the transformed Watery card to save her, risking being seen using her magic by everyone. However, it appears Eriol would have returned things to normal if Sakura was too late, making his motives unclear.


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  • Tomoyo: Knowing Kero-chan, he probably found a way to tag along.
  • Sakura: But that's impossible.

(cuts to Sakura's locker, shows inside)

  • Kero: (in a spooky voice) But is it really that impossible? Do not underestimate me! (rises dramatically from Sakura's bag) Even Sakura did not notice me hiding under the hidden flap beneath her swimsuit! Oh cream soda, I will taste you! (starts laughing maniacally)


  • Though unconfirmed it is widely speculated that the script is reworked from an episode originally intended to show Sakura sealing The Wave.
  • Rika nearly drowning in the swimming pool gives the episode some similarity to the manga Chapter 3 in which Sakura sealed The Watery.