CCS Sakura Card Back

The rear-face design of the Sakura Cards

After Sakura transformed all of the Clow Cards into her very own Sakura Cards, they changed drastically in the frame and rear figure, while the represented characters suffered little to no change at all. The color palette changed all to shades of pink with the stars in bright gold. The rear figure changed to a star with twelve points, but in a different position, with a large golden star in the center, sided by a waxing moon and a sun.

The front remained the same thin frame, albeit bright pink, the sun in the top changed to a large Star and the ribbon in the bottom switched position and shape, with a star in the top, and the name written in Japanese below and the name "Sakura" written in the card's very bottom. The figures also suffered the same change in the color pattern, becoming shades of pink, but keeping something small in their own colors each.

Regardless whether the cards are Clow or Sakura, the humanoid figures remain exactly the same outside their cards. Only The Fly became different, changing where the wings will manifest as it had later evolved into enabling Sakura to fly freely without the mystical star staff.

The Sakura Cards, ("Star Cards" in Cardcaptors), are the Clow Cards transformed by Sakura's own magic as its further develops and grows stronger, (the name was Tomoyo Daidouji's idea, she was originally going to call them Sakura-chan cards, but Sakura disagreed and dropped the "chan").

After Sakura successfully passed the Final Judgment, she is declared the new owner of the Clow Cards. As a result of this, the Clow Cards lose their magical bond with Clow Reed and Sakura must readjust all this by virtue of her magic, since as explained in Episode 53, the Cards are fed by the magic of their owner, however the death of the latter does not cause the powers of the cards to be completely extinguished, but after this event the cards retain the part of the owner's magical powers that they have absorbed in order to survive, power that the Cards do not they come to consume entirely since the death of their owner plunges them into a state of unconsciousness (as if they "sleep") therefore if they are not adapted to serve a new master, not only can they not be used by whoever makes them owner of them, after having passed the judgment of Yue, but they lose their magical powers and if they remain in the form fit to serve a previous master for a long time, they stop working and become ordinary cards, since the magic power of your suede The previous owner ends up running out. Therefore, due to this, Sakura converts the Cards into Sakura Cards (represented with a star), which become pink instead of red.

In both the anime and manga, the Firey is the very first card to be transformed, and the Light and the Dark are the last.


In descending order:
* These cards were never seen being transformed.
Note: The Nameless Card and the Hope Card do not have Clow Card forms. They were created by Sakura.
Note: The Nothing Card does not exist as a Sakura Card as the Nothing Card was combined with the Nameless Card to become the Hope Card. But, CLAMP released an official image of it in Sakura Card form.

In descending order:

About the Sakura Cards

Season Three

  • "The Card- It's different."
  • "It's no longer a Clow Card! It's a Sakura Card!"
  • "There aren't many cards that can speak, after all."
  • "You even changed four cards into Sakura Cards."
  • "It's all the cards. You're worried about me, aren't you?"
  • "She's changing them all from Clow Cards to Sakura Cards!"
  • "She doesn't have enough power to transform them on her own."
  • "All of the Clow Cards have been transformed into Sakura Cards."
  • "These are all cards I've created using the power of the star."
  • "A Sakura Card."
  • "I have to turn it into a Sakura Card. That's the only way I can save everyone."
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