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"Sakura Meets Clow Reed" (さくらと(あらわ)れたクロウ·リード, Sakura to Arawareta Kurō Riido?) is the 23rd episode of the third season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Revelations, Part 1".


Eriol has revealed his true identity, and he casts a spell over the entire town, putting everyone to sleep except for those with magical power. Sakura must defeat the spell or everyone will sleep forever. It is a huge challenge for Sakura, as Eriol fends off Sakura's card attacks easily, and her companions Kero and Yue have to battle Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon.

It will take all of Sakura's magical strength and power and then some to meet the challenge. Sakura tries to transform the remaining cards, but only The Light and The Dark cards could not be transformed. Sakura finally transforms them with the help of her friends, and uses The Light to turn back the day. After this is over, Syaoran finally then confesses his true and strong romantic feelings for Sakura, much to her surprise.



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  • Eriol:: "My name in this lifetime is Eriol. And in my past life, Clow Reed."
  • Sayoran: "What!?"
  • Cerberus: "But Clow died! Yue and I both saw it with our own eyes!"
  • Spinel Sun: "He really is Clow Reed."
  • Cerberus: "Spinny, it's you."
  • Ruby Moon: "He's the real deal."

  • Sakura: "It's just like my dream. And that staff. It's just like the one Clow Reed used."
  • Cerberus: "Yeah, that's Clow Reed's staff, alright."
  • Syaoran: "You're telling me Eriol's actually the reincarnation of Clow Reed?"
  • Cerberus: "And if you are him, why are causing Sakura so many problems!!? Tell me that!!"
  • Eriol: "You'll see soon, Kero."
  • Cerberus: 'It's you."
  • Eriol: "It's time begin."

  • Yue: "Becasue he gave all of his magical powers to me, remember? Clow."
  • Eriol: "It's so nice to see you again."
  • Yue: "That's right. I seem to remember returning to my borrowed form without wanting to. Did you do that?"
  • Eriol: Back then, it would have troublesome if you had known, Yue.
  • Yue: If you were going to be reincarnated, why did you have to let us chose a new master?
  • Ruby Moon: Since Yue is here, I am his opponent. After going through all that trouble to receive Touya's magical abilities, you still cannot defeat me. I guess that means my master is far stronger than yours.
  • Cerberus: Sakura is not to blame! We've just been caught off guard!"

  • Sakura: "Listen to me Eriol!! You and Clow Reed have always been helpful to me in the past! Why this!!?"
  • Eriol: "If you wanna know the answer, you're gonna have to break my spell."
  • Sakura: "But, I..."
  • Eriol: "
  • Sakura: "Stop it! I can't. I can't."
  • Yue: "Watch it!"
  • Cerberus: "Look out!!"
  • Sakura: "SHIELD!! JUMP!!"
  • Cerberus: "Sakura!!"
  • Spinel Sun: "If I were you, I'd worry about us instead."

  • Sakura: "It's all the Cards. You're worried about me, aren't you? Thank you. But what about these? I still got eight Clow Cards left here."
  • Cerberus: "Are you OK, Sakura?"
  • Sakura: "Yeah. (thinking) Maybe one one of you Clow Cards will be able to help me out if I can transform you. I have to break Eriol's magic spell of darkness, so everybody can wake up again. Please, lend me your strength. O cards created by Clow Reed. Discard your past appearance and transform. I command you as your new master
  • Yue: "She's changed all of the Clow Cards to Sakura Cards."
  • Cerberus: "I think she can do it. Her powers are so much stronger now."

  • Eriol: Well done, although you still haven't changed all of the Clow Cards."
  • Sakura: "Huh? Light and Dark. They didn't transform."
  • Yue: "The Light and Dark cards."
  • Sakura: " But why!? I don't understand."
  • Cerberus: "Light and Dark are the most powerful cards. Sakura still doesn't have enough power to transform them on her own."
  • Sakura: "The night the darkness, the time when everything sleeps. What do I need in order to wake them up? Light!! What did the Light card say to me? 'Light dispels the darkness' Maybe light can get rid of this darkness."