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"Sakura and Akiho's Lullaby" (さくらと秋穂(あきほ)子守唄(こもりうた), Sakura to Akiho no Komoriuta?) is the 19th episode of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card.


Sakura is finally about to go and read to children with Yukito, and she invites Akiho, Syaoran, and Tomoyo to come along. Sakura's enthusiasm convinces Akiho to join her for the reading, while Syaoran agrees to contribute a piano accompaniment.


Sakura and Akiho prepare to read a book to young children. Meanwhile, Syaoran gets word from Wei about his concerns toward him, aware that his four elder sisters are nearby listening. At her home, Sakura uses "Record" to show Kero all she and Akiho had done. But, to her surprise, it shows a different scene entirely. Kero shows the photographs via email to Yue, and the two Guardians realize just how strong Sakura's magic has become, and they must contact Eriol at any cost.


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  • Cerberus: "There are only few magicians who are powerful enough to show the past. Clow was one, and there are three others."
  • Yue: "She inherited the Cards from a descendant of Clow Reed, and transformed them into her own Cards. now she's still..."
  • Cerberus: "I knew her magical powers have gotten stronger, but I didn't expect this. Sakura's magic has grown significantly. Her power is immense. We must contact Eriol."
  • Yue: No matter what it takes."


  • Syaoran's four older sisters, from the original series' first movie, debut here.
  • Sakura already feelings unusual strong magical abilities and skill-level have further developed and increased to enormously higher power-levels since the finale of the original series.