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"Sakura and Double Trouble" (さくらと二人(ふたり)(だい)ピンチ, Sakura to Futari no Dai Pinchi?) is the 12th episode of the third season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Double Trouble".


Eriol casts a spell on Kero and Yue so that they are unable to revert to their borrowed forms, much to Sakura's dismay, since it is understandably difficult to hide their true forms for long. Fortunately, Touya and Fujitaka are out for the day, and Sakura has them help around the house while reminiscing about their time with Clow Reed.

During working the house Kero nearly blows their cover when he hands Sakura a stamp when a delivery man arrives carrying a package to her father. Kero was talking to Yue who can't hear him and grows impatient and grabs a bag of flour and attempts to throw it at Yue. But Sakura who was working notices this and stops him sending the flour unto Kero who laughs at this and Sakura use the Bubbles card on Kero to clean up. Eventually, Sakura gets the idea of using the Shield card, which can nullify and protect people from magic, and the two guardians are able to revert to their original forms. Eriol becomes impressed by Sakura's increasing skill, while Kero begins to wonder who besides Clow Reed would have the power to prevent them from transforming.


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  • Sakura: "How are we gonna get this off you?"
  • Cerberus: "You have The Bubbles Card, don't ya?"
  • Sakura: "Uh, yeah."
  • Cerberus: "That's good 'cause I need to borrow it."
  • Sakura: "You sure?"
  • Cerberus: "The Bubble Card is exactly what I need. Make sure you tell it to clean me. We don't want anything else to go wrong here."
  • Sakura: "Let's do it. Kero, here we go."
  • Cerberus: "I'm ready."
  • Sakura: "Oh. I didn't know the Bubble card could be used for this purpose."
  • Cerberus: "Clow Reed also used this card to wash me, but that was a long time ago."
  • Sakura: "So are you telling me that Clow Reed made this card just to clean you up, Kero?"
  • Cerberus: "You're joking, right?"
  • Sakura: "Huh?"
  • Cerberus: "Clow Reed washed me in these bubbles, but he also washed his clothes and dishes in them as well."
  • Sakura: "Did he really?"
  • Cerberus: "Oh yeah. Not only did he have a bad attitude, he's totally insensitive, too."
  • Sakura: "Well, I'm gonna clean up the floor. I'll see you later."
  • Cerberus: "Hey, wait a minute! There's a lot more! I remember that time he used the Bubble Card on me, and the bubbles got into my eyes! Ow! Just like now."

  • Cerberus: "Shield?"
  • Sakura: "Try returning to your borrowed forms."
  • Cerberus: "Okay. Yeah!!"
  • Sakura: "The Shield Card has the power to block magic, so I thought it might help out. Hey, why don't you try to transform now? It worked!"
  • Yukito: "Huh? What's this? Hey, what am I doing at your house, Sakura?"

  • Ruby Moon: "So she did it. How boring."
  • Spinel: "Pretty clever move using the Shield Card."
  • Eriol: "Shields can protect all the things that are very precious to us. So the stronger people feel about whatever it is must be protected, the stronger the Shield's power will become. And she worked it all out. Clever girl."


  • After Sakura summons her Star Wand, she looks at the Bubbles Card and consults with Kero before she changes it. Then, when she starts to say her transformation chant, her Star Wand has suddenly lost its wings.
  • Just like in the bathroom scene, Sakura's Star Wand loses its wings once again. This time the mistake occurs after she uses the Shield Card so that Kero and Yue can change back into their temporary forms. Once Yue has successfully transformed into Yukito, Sakura hides her wingless Star Wand behind her back.