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"Sakura and Her True Feelings" (さくらと本当(ほんとう)(おも), Sakura to Hontō no Omoi?) is the 70th and final episode of the third season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptor title for this episode is "Revelations, Part 2".


Sakura is thinking about her true romantic feelings towards Syaoran. Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo, Kero and Yue visit Eriol's house to find out the reason behind Eriol who was giving Sakura a lot of trouble and difficulties. He also revealed that there are two things that turned out unexpectedly.

Sakura strongly feels differently about Syaoran as compared for Yukito. Touya and Yukito notice Sakura heading to her room in tears while cooking wondering what's wrong. At Sakura's room, Kero asked her what's wrong and not feeling well and she sadly replies that she's fine and remember what Syaoran said to her after beating Eriol's top-level magic.

Syaoran needs to go back to Hong Kong because the things that brought him to Japan were over. When Sakura heard this from Tomoyo, she becomes very sad and just then a Sakura card is created. Sakura rushes to the airport to meet Syaoran who is going to check in. Sakura asks if she could have the bear Syaoran had made earlier of which Syaoran hands her the bear. Lastly, Sakura cried out that if she'll be able to see him again.

The card created is shown to be "the one with no name", as it has no name on the front, nor did Sakura ever give it one.


Featured Cards[]


  • Eriol: "Although the Cards can work a little using my magic, they'd become nothing more than simple cards."
  • Cerberus: "So you created all those disturbances so she'd be forced to transform the Cards!"
  • Eriol: "I'm the reincarnation of Clow Reed, and all I'm doing is following his wishes."

  • Eriol: "Aren't you gonna join the others, Yue?"
  • Yue: "I'm still wanting for to answer my question: If you were reincarnated, why make us decide upon a new master?"
  • Eriol: "Come now. Surely you already know the answer to that, Yue. Even though I may have some memories of that past life, I am not the Clow Reed that you used to know."
  • Yue: "I understand. But I still wanted to wait for him."
  • Eriol: "Clow Reed is dead now, but I can talk about your memories of him."

  • Yukito: "I heard Miss Mizuki is back in town."
  • Touya: "Yeah. I saw her yesterday and turns out she knew everything. She called him 'Clow Reed'. He sounds like a pain in the neck."
  • Yukito: "But I am grateful to him. You he created my true form. You know he gave me life, and because of that I was able to meet Sakura and you, Touya. (slightly concerned) Sakura? What's wrong with her?"

  • Cerberus: "Sakura, what's wrong!? Do you have a fever!?"
  • Sakura: "It's okay. I'm fine."
  • Cerberus: "Sakura, you been acting pretty weird since yesterday. What's goin' on?"
  • Syaoran (in Sakura's head): "Well, I love you, Sakura!!"
  • Sakura (thinking): I really like Syaoran, too. But is it because we're good friends? Is that the only reason? Something is different. But this feeling... it's not the same as what I feel toward Yukito. This feeling...what is it?

  • Wei: "I'll go check us in."
  • Syaoran: "Alright
  • Sakura: "Syaoran!"
  • Syaoran: "Why?"
  • Wei: "Master Syaoran take this. "
  • Sakura: "That bear. Can I have it?"

Differences between Cardcaptor Sakura and Cardcaptors[]

  • The scene where Syaoran gave Sakura the teddy bear was cut
  • The scene where Sakura had a memory/flashback of Syaoran's confession of his strong romantic affections for her to her was also cut out.
  • This was shown alongside Episode 69, as a two-part special "Revelations" which appears not been followed by the second movie, which is also considered the official finale of this anime series.
  • The sealing wand becoming into the star wand, and The Fly evolving and growing stronger are seen in flashbacks Episodes 46 and 51.