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"Sakura and a Precious Friend" (さくらと大切(たいせつ)なお友達(ともだち), Sakura to Taisetsu na Otomodachi?) is the 14th episode of the third season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Just Like Old Times".


Remembering his promise to Meiling that he would be her "fiancé" until he found someone he loved more, Syaoran calls her to tell her that he is in love with Sakura, though he is taken by surprise when Meiling arrives in Tomoeda for the day. While Meiling spends the day with her old friends, the group is attacked by a set of enchanted penguin statues at the playground. Acting upon Meiling's advice, Sakura transforms the Freeze card and uses it to freeze the statues, allowing her and Syaoran to defeat the penguins. During the incident, however, Meiling realizes exactly why Syaoran called her. Seemingly accepting of the matter, Meiling breaks off their "engagement;" in reality, however, she is heartbroken and breaks down in tears upon visiting Tomoyo (her desire). Feeling better the next day, Meiling encourages Syaoran to profess his love to Sakura as soon as possible, since Sakura would never know about them otherwise, before leaving the next morning, she leaves a cryptic message for Sakura indirectly stating she should pay attention to Syaoran's feelings.


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  • Meiling: "So what did you want to talk about?"
  • Syaoran: I promised you that if I'd ever find someone I really liked, I'll tell you right away.
  • Meiling: "Did you find her?"
  • Syaoran: "Yeah."
  • Meiling: "I see. Is it... Miss Kinomoto?"
  • Syaoran: (surprised) "How did you know?"
  • Meiling: "Because when you were with her, you called her by her name. You don't usually like girls that much. The only girls you ever called by their names, besides your sisters, was me. Then our engagement is officially over."
  • Syaoran: "Meiling?"

  • Meiling: "I'm really mad. It's not fair, I've loved Syaoran like no other person in the world. I promise myself that I would never let anyone take him away from me. The worst part is that I can't bring myself to hate Miss Kinomoto, because I know that she's a great girl."


  • This is the first time since episode 57 in which Syaoran calls Sakura by her first name.