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"Sakura and the Crazy Sweets" (さくらとおかしなお菓子(かし), Sakura to Okashi na Okashi?) is the 17th episode of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card.


Today is the cooking lesson in home economics class that everyone's been looking forward to. Sakura's morning is thrown into a panic when she forgets her apron, but she and her friends are excited to make roll cakes in class.


The recurring dream once again appears as Sakura looks toward the shrouded figure surrounded by clockwork gears. She asks the figure questions as the gears behind the figure collapse. The dreamscape changes and Sakura fell from the sky as a long, scaled dragon appears in the sky, the figure standing atop the dragon's horn. Sakura falls to her awakening, Kero worrying due to Sakura spacing out. Knocked out of her trance as Kero screams into her ears, Sakura sends Kero flying, later apologizing.

Leaving the house earlier than usual, Sakura arrives at Tomoeda Central park to meet with Rika to fetch the books Sakura requested so that she can share it with Akiho. Rika soon departs for school as Kero shares the good news of Sakura forgetting her apron for home economics, in which she then runs home and then to school. In home economics, Tomoyo, Sakura and Akiho work hard on making their roll cakes as the product comes out successful. Akiho wants to make a clockwork design that resembles Kaito's pocket watch, Sakura wanted to make a Chinese compass but seemed too hard; Akiho suggested Kero but it would be "hard" to eat while Tomoyo asks of Momo's missing presence.

In the mansion, Kaito finishes patching up the scarf as he places it over Momo. Momo sighs, commenting on how Akiho will always be clumsy, but agrees with Kaito that that is what makes her cute. Momo is gifted with chocolates in appreciation for her effort to stay still all the time as she asks Kaito about the "moment". Kaito tells her that all is proceeding well towards that "moment of time".

Sakura tells Akiho and Tomoyo about meeting with Rika this morning and the pop-up book about Alice. Suddenly, the students start screaming as the roll cakes begin to fly around the classroom. Believing that this is the work of a card, Tomoyo helps shelter Sakura as she secretly releases her key and uses Snooze on everyone else in the room. The roll cakes seemed cute, but upon hearing their comment, immediately became violent and grew in size. Kero rendezvous with Sakura and Tomoyo, shocked upon seeing the monstrous cakes. Sakura tells Tomoyo to hide as Tomoyo leaves the camera to Kero. Sakura uses Flight to escape from aerial attacks, but a pair of tiny wings on the cake allowed it to fly. The chase continues on as Sakura uses Spiral to close the cake in and compress it, proceeding to secure the card, but then suddenly remembering that she just learned these characters. Syaoran calls to her from ground level as Sakura flies to and lands in his arms. Syaoran apologizes for not being able to help, the moment then broken by the presence of Tomoyo and Kero filming as Sakura and Syaoran blush.

Akiho tells Kaito about the disappeared roll cakes, they all managed to make another one, and that she made hers for Kaito. One is a checkered cake with a small clock on top, while the other one is plain with flowers. Kaito asks if the clock was meant to be the pocket watch as he praises the cakes. Kaito wondered why Akiho didn't make Momo as Akiho told him that she would feel bad. Kaito reveals Momo all fixed and hands it to Akiho and then shares the roll cake together. Kaito lets out a laugh when Akiho tells Kaito about how Sakura seemed apologetic after the incident, then telling him that she would love to see him laugh again.

Akiho apologizes, feeling that she said something weird and that she's always clumsy, but Kaito held onto her hand and told her that there is nothing to apologize for, telling her that merely being herself already gives him happiness. The "clock" suddenly moves as Akiho faints. Momo awakes, saying how even with that "D" magic of Kaito's, he still can't stop the book's time, which is exactly why Kaito needs the new Cards, as he looks into his pocketwatch to view Sakura's dream once again.


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  • Sakura: "Are you gonna give your roll cake to Kaito? How are you gonna decorate it?"
  • Akiho: "Uh...Well I was thinking about a clock."
  • Sakura: "A clock?"
  • Akiho: "Yeah. You know, like his pocketwatch; the one he always carries? It seems every important to him. What about you?"
  • Sakura: "Huh? Well, I'm not sure yet."

  • Kaito: "There. All finished."
  • Momo: "Let's be honest- that girl is never going to grow out of her clumsiness."
  • Kaito: "Maybe she won't. But isn't that what makes her so endearing?"
  • Momo: "Indeed. I suppose so. Staying still all day is exhausting."
  • Kaito: "Thank you for your effort. Here. Would you like some chocolate?"
  • Momo: "Ah, the most delicious food in the world. Is there anything more divine? So, how are things? Is it time yet?"
  • Kaito: "The collection of Cards is progressing well. We're right on schedule. It will be that time soon enough. Yes....even now."

  • Akiho: "I'm so sorry. Did I say something strange? I'm always doing that. I been trying as hard as I can, but it's no use. Half of the time, I feel like I'm not making any sense. Please forgive me."
  • Kaito: "There is nothing to apologize for. It wasn't strange. Please understand. I appreciate your efforts.They make me very happy."
  • Akiho: "Kaito."
  • Momo: "What will you do? Even with your D magic, you will never be able to stop that book's time. "
  • Kaito: "Yes, I'm aware. That's why the new Cards are necessary."