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"Sakura and the Elephant's Test of Strength" (さくらとゾウの(ちから)くらべ, Sakura to Zō no Chikara Kurabe?) is the 13th episode of the first season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Power's Ploy".


The penguin slide at the park one morning. Sakura then goes to the zoo for a field-trip and sees one strange thing after another.


CCS EP13 - Upside Down

The King Penguin Slide upside down

Sakura's class is visiting the zoo for a field trip and her group is assigned to observe the elephants. Sakura meets with Yukito and that the Emperor Penguin slide was turned over. Sakura and her group finds the elephants while doing report Tomoyo asked how Kero is doing and she tells her he's at home. However they hear groaning and Sakura hears him shout in her bag. Kero pops out of her bag dazedly and Sakura panics. Chiharu and Naoko notices and looks at her confused and Sakura tells them her report is almost done and she and Tomoyo went a place where no people are. Kero yawns and Sakura asked him that he should be at home. Kero tells her that she slip on her bag due to the delicious food that her father made for her.

Near noon, something begins to break open the cages causing chaos among the visitors and Kero is positive it's a Clow Card. The Power card, although invisible, begins to torment the elephants and Sakura steps in to save them by challenging it to a game of tug-of-war. Sakura is no match for the Power card even with the help of the elephants. Just as Sakura is about to lose, Syaoran uses the Time card to stop time to help her win the battle, thus tricking Power into surrendering. Sakura then seals her and thanks the elephant for helping out. Tomoyo asked for a picture of her pose.

CCS EP13 - Scared

Sakura being scared because Yukito saw the picture

The next day now the Emperor Penguin slide is now back where it was Sakura and Tomoyo are greeted by Yukito and he notice what Tomoyo was holding. A wind blows the picture out of her hand and Yukito catches it. Sakura and Tomoyo get shock knowing he will know about her power. Yukito asked Sakura if she's strong and Tomoyo replies that is a trick photo. Yukito, impressed, tells that she can lift the Emperor Penguin slide without magic. The picture was Sakura holding the Emperor Penguin slide.


Featured Cards[]


  • Sakura: Y-You're not with my big brother?
  • Yukito: I'm in charge of the chores today.
  • Sakura: Today really is a wonderful day!
  • Yukito: What?

(Sakura blushes and looks downward)