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"Sakura and the Injured Card" (さくらとケガをしたカード, Sakura to Kega wo Shita Kādo?) is the 30th episode of the first season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "The Race".


It all starts with Sakura and Kero chasing down the active Dash card through the woods, unwilling to let it get away. Sakura manages to injure it, and yet, the expedient card gives them the slip after being mistaken for an injured cat by a girl at Sakura's school. A few days pass, and nothing unusual happens with the Clow Card, who has been taken care of quite well. After hearing about the girl's problem with track, the Dash card repays the girl's kindness by giving her some of its power without the girl's knowing. However, as the girl gets faster, Sakura and Kero get more suspicious. On the night before the day where the girl needs Dash most, Syaoran discovers the Dash and Sakura is forced to seal it. However, on the day of the real track meet, the girl still makes the finish line on time.



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  • Yamazaki: Cheering? Let me tell you about cheering. When the Roman emperor was thrown out to sea during a war, he made his soldiers wave "Hure" for help. And then the wave became "Hooray", turning it into today's cheering style.
  • Chiharu: That's a lie.
  • Yamazaki: Lies? Let me tell you about lies...