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"Sakura and the Mysterious Brooch" (さくらとふしぎなブローチ, Sakura to Fushigi na Burōchi?) is the 9th episode of the first season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptor title for this episode is "Double-Edged Sword".


Tomoyo and Rika try to cheer Sakura up by taking her shopping after Syaoran upsets her, but Rika suddenly attacks Sakura when she puts on a new brooch.


CCS EP09 - Gloomy

Sakura being gloomy

The next day, Sakura goes to school, not being her cheerful self. Tomoyo notices and asks Sakura if she didn't sleep well, Sakura replies with a "sort of". Tomoyo asks if it's about what happened last night with Syaoran, Sakura thinks about what happened. Tomoyo tells Sakura that she was able to capture Thunder Card properly and that she's fulfilling her duties as the only Cardcaptor in the world, trying to lift her spirits up. Sakura tells her it's not that much of a big deal. Sakura remembers the rude comments Syaoran gave her and tells Tomoyo that if it weren't for Syaoran, she wouldn't have captured the card.

CCS EP09 - Flower

Rika giving Sakura a flower

Sakura and Tomoyo head to class. Rika also notices this behaviour, Sakura and Tomoyo sit at their desks when suddenly someone gives a flower to Sakura, she looks up and sees Rika there. Rika gives her the flower because she's not as cheerful today. Sakura is grateful and takes the flower, making Sakura happy. Sakura says that Rika is very mature and kind, she's a great person.

Sakura stares at the flower when suddenly, the door opens, revealing Syaoran. Syaoran walks to his desk, not saying anything. He looks at Sakura, they stare at each other until Sakura thanks Syaoran for his help yesterday. Syaoran's eyes widen. Sakura tells him that he because he taught her lots of stuff, she was able to capture the card. Syaoran says that if she needed to capture Clow Cards. Sakura changes the subject and talks about Syaoran's clothing from last night. Sakura says that she saw it in her dream, Syaoran is shocked because they were the ceremonial Li clothes passed down to the Li family. Sakura says that it was just a dream, Syaoran says that Sakura at least had enough magic to see the future from her dreams.

CCS EP09 - Lie

Yamazaki telling Syaoran about the Daily Chores and telling a lie

They stared at each other until Yamazaki comes over and asks Syaoran to do the daily chores. Yamazaki makes up a lie saying that they sing at recess, dance etc. Syaoran believes this.

Sakura gets another strange, mysterious dream. Tomoyo keeps on calling her, trying to wake her up. Sakura wakes up and sees Mr. Terada looking right at her. Sakura apologies and Mr. Terada says that she should go to sleep earlier.

It's now the end of the day and Rika and Tomoyo take Sakura to a shop to try to cheer her up. The three each buy brooches and return to Sakura's house for tea and pudding. When Rika puts on her brooch, the Sword card takes control of her and attacks Sakura with a sword. Sakura uses The Jump. Kero tells Sakura to hit Rika, but Sakura refuses. She sits on top of a sign, Rika almost hit her, but Syaoran comes and rescues her.

Sakura says his last-name, Li, while all Syaoran says is "Weak"

CCS EP09 - Fighting Stance

Syaoran getting ready to fight Rika

Syaoran gets into position to fight Rika. Sakura tells him that he can't and she tugs him, trying to move him. Rika suddenly attacks them and Sakura jumps up, Syaoran with her. They both fall into a bush and start arguing. Kero interrupts them and says that it would be nice if Rika would be able to let go of the sword for a second. This gives Sakura an idea.

As Rika walks up to her, Sakura does nothing and Syaoran calls her an idiot, getting a bit from Kero. Sakura uses The Illusion to make an Illusion of someone Rika feels strongly about. The Illusion shows Mr. Terada. Rika just says "Teacher" and stops. Sakura is confused but Kero tells her to capture the Card.

Sakura takes the Sword from Rika, causing her to fall, and she captures the card. Sakura tried to wake up Rika, but Syaoran says that she's just tired. Kero tells Syaoran that Sakura got a card by herself, trying to make him jealous, but Syaoran says that The Sword is an easier card to deal with. Kero gets mad and bites Syaoran on his finger for a second time. Tomoyo hears footsteps coming and Kero quickly hides.

CCS EP09 - A scene

What Yukito sees

Yukito was the one behind the foot steps. He asks if Touya is home, he borrowed a CD and he's returning it. Yukito asks what's wrong, seeing the scene. His eyes suddenly drift to Syaoran's finger, Yukito takes his hand and says that he's hurt and asks if he's okay. Syaoran blushes and runs off.

The next day, Syaoran is dismayed when he sees Sakura offers a gift of chocolate to Yukito for helping him carry Rika home and Syaoran quickly gives sweets of his own and runs off. Tomoyo has to explain to Sakura that Syaoran is "interested" in Yukito just like Sakura is.


Featured Cards[]

Featured Clothes and Costumes[]


  • Syaoran: Daily chores?
  • Yamazaki: When your turn for the daily chores comes, you clean the blackboards, write in the daily report, sing songs during recess, dance around...There are a lot of things you have to do.
  • Syaoran: They do that in Japanese schools?

  • Touya: That brat was near our house!?
  • Yukito: He went home before too long, though.
  • Touya: I guess I have to beat him up once.
  • Yukito: Is that how you warded off all the boys who got close to Sakura?
  • Touya: Only I can make fun of her.
  • Yukito: You really do have a sister complex.
  • Touya: Shut up!

Quotes (Cardcaptors version)[]

  • Kero: That's the Sword Card!
  • Sakura: It can't be! Rita doesn't know anything about swords!
  • Kero: That has got nothing to do with it, Sakura! The Sword Card has taken complete control of her! Sakura, use the key to capture the card!
  • Sakura: I can't!
  • Madison: You've got to do it, Sakura!
  • Sakura: Rita's my friend!

Differences between Cardcaptor Sakura and Cardcaptor Sakura[]

  • Because romances between a student and a teacher were extremely controversial on American broadcast television, Nelvana edited and altered Rika/Rita's relationship with Mr. Terada so that she would be scared of him instead of admiration with him.
    • In Episode 9, instead of Sakura using the Illusion card to show Rika "the one she has the most feelings for," it is changed to "the one she fears the most", in which case would imply that she somewhat dislikes Mr. Terada and is intimidated by him.
  • Sakura and here friends were not studying for a spelling test in the original Japanese version.


  • This is the episode where Sakura makes her first release pose.
  • During Sakura's release pose, she is shown wearing her school shoes. However, throughout her trial in capturing The Sword, she is only wearing her socks.

"Leave it to Kero-chan!" Segment[]

Syaoran's battle costume and Syaoran's Sword are featured.