Sakura and the Mysterious Brooch
Season 1, Episode 9
Episode 9
Air date June 2, 1998
Cards Captured The Sword
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Sakura and the Mysterious Brooch (さくらとふしぎなブローチ, Sakura to Fushigi na Brooch) is the 9th episode of the first series of Cardcaptor Sakura. The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Double Edged Sword".


Sakura, whose cheerfulness has been a staple of her personality, is forlorn by Syaoran's confidence and obviously superior skill. Rika and Tomoyo take Sakura to a shop to try to cheer her up. The three each buy brooches and return to Sakura's house for tea and pudding. When Rika puts on her brooch, the Sword card takes control of her and attacks Sakura with a sword. Syaoran saves Sakura who refuses to attack Rika and stops him from attacking her as well. Using the Illusion card to distract Rika, Sakura is given the chance to capture the Sword card. The next day, Syaoran is dismayed when he sees Sakura offer a gift of chocolate to Yukito and quickly gives sweets of his own. Tomoyo has to explain to Sakura that Syaoran is "interested" in Yukito just like Sakura is.

Featured Cards

Featured Clothes and Costumes


  • Syaoran: Daily chores?
  • Yamazaki: When your turn for the daily chores comes, you clean the blackboards, write in the daily report, sing songs during recess, dance around...There are a lot of things you have to do.
  • Syaoran: They do that in Japanese schools?

  • Touya: That brat was near our house!?
  • Yukito: He went home before too long, though.
  • Touya: I guess I have to beat him up once.
  • Yukito: Is that how you warded off all the boys who got close to Sakura?
  • Touya: Only I can make fun of her.
  • Yukito: You really do have a sister complex.
  • Touya: Shut up!

Differences between CardCaptors and CardCaptor Sakura

  • Because romances between a student and a teacher were extremely controversial on American broadcast television, Nelvana edited and altered Rika/Rita's relationship with Mr. Terada so that she would be scared of him instead of infatuated with him.
  • Sakura and here friends were not studying for a spelling test in the original Japanese version.

Leave it to Kero-chan! Segment

Syaoran's battle costume and ceremonial jian are featured.


  • This is the episode where Sakura makes her first release pose.
  • During Sakura's release pose, she is shown wearing her school shoes. However, throughout her trial in capturing the Sword Card, she is only wearing her socks.
  • This is the episode where only Syaoran wears a Battle Costume.


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