Sakura and the Mysterious Fortune
Season 3, Episode 62
Episode 62
Air date January 4, 2000
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Sakura and the Mysterious Fortune (さくらと不思議なおみくじ, Sakura to Fushigi na Omikuji) is the 62nd episode of Cardcaptor Sakura. The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Sakura's Strange Future".


Sakura goes to a New Year's festival and notices that Yukito isn't around. Touya goes to check on him, discovering him asleep in his doorway that he has not only collapsed from fatigue, but he's also beginning to fade from existence since Sakura's power, despite how strong it has become, is not enough to sustain Yue. Later at the festival, she receives a fortune from Eriol which he secretly made and enchanted, saying that she will begin to learn the "truth" in her "first dream of the year." That night, Sakura transforms the Dream card in her sleep and has a dream of the sky being blanketed by darkness emanating over Tsukimine Shrine, where she sees the silhouettes of Eriol, Spinel Sun, and Ruby Moon. When Sakura awakens to realize what she's done, she and Kero begin to suspect that they will meet the three silhouetted figures very soon.

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  • Fujitaka: So what kind of wishes are you going to ask for this year?
  • Sakura: Well... that when you are out on digging trips you won't get hurt, that my math grades improve even a little and that I get better with cooking and sewing.
  • Touya: Just how much money are you going to give?

  • Sakura: (reading fortune paper) The clues to find the truth are hidden within your New Years dreams.


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