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"Sakura and the Rainbow of Memories" (さくらと(おも)()(にじ), Sakura to Omoide no Niji?) is the 16th episode of the first season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "The Summer House".


Sakura goes on vacation with her family and becomes fast friends with an old man in the area, who tells her a story about his beloved grandchild.


CCS EP16 - Window

Sakura looking out the window.

Sakura and her family are driving to a country house for vacation. Touya reads the map while Fujitaka is the one driving. Sakura’s window is open and she poked her head outside, gasping at the beautiful scenery. Yukito—who was also invited to go on vacation with Sakura—hands her a drink.

Sakura thanks him, Yukito says that they should’ve put the small basket—that’s beside Sakura—in the trunk. Sakura gets a little nervous, saying that it's small. Kero is in the small basket, deciding to go along with Sakura.

Fujitaka asks Touya if they're going the right way, which Touya says that they are and have 9 more kilometres to go. Sakura states that she’s never been in a country house, and it’ll be her first time, Yukito also says it’s his first time.

CCS EP16 - Homework

Sakura showing how much homework she has.

Yukito apologizes for intruding on their family outing, Fujitaka also apologizes for wasting Yukito’s valuable summer vacation. Yukito tells Fujitaka that he’s not wasting Yukito’s time, Touya states that there’s no homework so they should be fine. Sakura says how jealous she is, she tells them that she has so much homework. Touya teases her by saying that she’ll run around doing it at the end of vacation. Sakura shakes her head, as to say “no”.

Fujitaka suggests that he should visit Yukito’s family, he says that Yukito helps out a lot and takes care of Touya, Fujitaka states that he hasn’t met Yukito’s folks yet. Yukito smiles and says that he only has a grandmother and a grandfather, and he also says that they wake up early and sleep early. Touya tells Fujitaka to go left.

Sakura stretches and picks up her bag, Sakura asks if the people before really rented the house to them, Fujitaka says yeah, the people rented the house to them. He says the owners usually stay at the house for summer, but they went overseas this summer. Sakura smiles and starts running towards the house, Fujitaka apologizes to Sakura that they couldn’t go overseas. Sakura says that the house is a wonderful place as well, she opens the door to reveal a humble house. Sakura walks in and looks around. Sakura runs back outside and thanks her dad for bringing them here, Fujitaka smiles.

CCS EP16 - Mom

Sakura's mom.

Sakura puts a photo of her mom on the counter, and tells her that she’ll be staying at the house for 2 days, starting that day. Sakura tells her mom that she’s looking forward to this house.

Sakura goes into her room, with her basket, she smiles widely and runs to the bed and lays on it. Sakura then remembered that Kero was in the basket, and carefully opens it, Kero flew right out and asked if Sakura forgot he was there. Sakura says sorry and that the room was so wonderful. Kero then ignores her and says how nice the room is.

Sakura smiles and says that she was really happy, and that she couldn’t help it, Kero finishes her sentence by saying that she wanted to make him a sandwich. Sakura said that she was sorry, Kero says that he’ll let her go this time, crossing his arms. Kero says that she has to give him some dessert after dinner. Sakura asks Kero if he’s fine without eating anything, Kero says yes. Sakura asks him if he likes sweets, Kero just replies saying that it’s something he likes. Sakura asks Kero if he has a greedy appetite. Kero just falls down.

CCS EP16 - Kitchen

Fujitaka, Touya and Yukito in the kitchen.

Sakura walks to the kitchen, where Touya says that they have water and fire sources, Fujitaka asks him if he wants to go shopping now. Before Touya could answer, Sakura asked if they are going somewhere. Fujitaka bent low to Sakura’s level and asked if she wanted to go grocery shopping with them, or if she wanted to take a walk until dinner. Sakura says that she’ll go on a walk. Yukito points out that there was a large house right before theirs, Sakura asked him where it was, Yukito says that it’s right before they crossed the bridge. Touya teased Sakura by saying that she probably fell asleep, which she denied.

Fujitaka, Touya and Yukito leave and Sakura waves to the car. She runs back inside and calls Kero to come outside. Sakura looks at her mom’s photo and says that she’ll see her mom later.

Sakura and Kero start walking outside, Kero says that it’s nice to have some fresh air, Sakura agrees. Sakura has fun outside while walking to the large house. Sakura and Kero find the large house, Kero is shocked and he says that the house is huge. Sakura says to Kero that the garden is like Alice’s garden, Kero’s confused and asks about Alice, Sakura says that it’s Alice from Alice In Wonderland, Sakura says she saw it in a book. Kero then recognizes the story from England. Sakura says that Kero knows a lot, Kero says that he knows a lot of things.

Sakura and Kero make it to the entrance of the garden, an old man suddenly calls Sakura, Kero then hides. Sakura tries to look for the old man who spoke, he then says ‘over here’ and Sakura looks in front of her. The old man asks her if she's lost, Sakura says she’s just on a walk. The old man asks from where, Sakura points to the right, saying that it’s the country house from there.

CCS EP16 - Old man

The old man.

The old man asks if there’s a little girl who’s Sakura’s age there, Sakura says that they rented the house for summer. The old man laughs and says that he understands, he asks Sakura if she’s in a hurry, Sakura shakes her head. He asks her if she wants a cup of tea, Sakura agrees.

Sakura walks up the stairs to the patio, she looks at the old man, who’s smiling. She walks closer and sees a table with two chairs. Sakura sits down and has tea with him.

It’s now night and Sakura’s watching Touya and Yukito making food outside. Yukito says that Touya’s really good, Yukito asks if it’s because of Touya’s job, Touya says that it is. Sakura states that Touya does work everywhere and anywhere. Fujitaka comes out with some food and says that dinner’s ready.

While they’re eating dinner, Fujitaka asks Sakura if her walk was nice, Sakura said it was fun. She tells her father about how she met an old man living at the house, Sakura also tells him how the old man was off of work, that’s why he was there. Sakura says that she also had tea there. Touya teases her by saying that she wasn’t modest at all and gulped the tea down, Sakura says that she didn’t do that.

CCS EP16 - Food

Sakura telling them about the old man.

Yukito asked if the tea was delicious, Sakura replied saying that the tea and sweets were delicious. Touya then teases Sakura again, saying that she really doesn’t have any self-control. Sakura tells them that the old man said that she could visit tomorrow at his house, she turns to her dad, Fujitaka smiles and says that she should go, he also says that it’s good to make new friends when she travels. Sakura smiles and agrees.

Tomoyo is watching Sakura capture The Jump card, until she gets a phone call from Sakura. Sakura and Kero tell her all about the new area. Sakura then tells her about the old man, Tomoyo says that it’s wonderful and that she should tell her how it went afterwards. They talk a little more and they bid their ‘good-nights’ to each other. Tomoyo continues to watch Sakura.

Kero asks Sakura if she’s going back to the house, Sakura replies with a yes. Kero asks her if she can bring back sweets for him, Sakura says that he already has a greedy appetite. Kero gets angry and turns the lights off.

The next day, Fujitaka’s on the computer, Sakura runs out and says she’ll be going now. Fujitaka stops her and gives her cookies, for the old man, Sakura thanks him. Fujitaka tells her to say hello for him, Sakura says that she will. Touya asks Sakura if she’s going this early, to which Sakura replies with a yes. Yukito tells her to take care, and Sakura thanks him and walks to the house.

Sakura runs to the patio where they had tea last time, she hears the old man and looks up, he’s on a balcony. The old man tells Sakura to come up, Sakura walks up. Sakura gasps on how big the house is. The old man tells her to come up and go inside a room, Sakura runs up and goes inside the room.

CCS EP16 - House

The old man's house.

Sakura’s astonished at how cute the room is. She walks to the bed, which has a big brown bear plush. Sakura then walks to the old man, who came inside the room. Sakura takes off her hat and thanks him for inviting her over. The old man welcomes her. Sakura asks him if the room was a child’s room, he says that it is. Sakura asks if it’s a girl, he asks her how she knows, Sakura replies, saying it’s because the room is a cute room. Sakura asks him if the little girl is also in the house, the old man says that she died a little while ago.

Sakura apologizes to him, he walks up to her and bends down, hands on her shoulders, he says that Sakura doesn’t need to apologize, he asks her to smile, she looks up. He tells her girls look best with smiles on, he then asks for her name. Sakura says her name, and the old man is shocked when he hears her last name. He asks her if he can call her Sakura, she says yea. He asks her if she could spend the day playing at his house. Sakura agrees.

CCS EP16 - Tennis

Sakura and the old man playing tennis.

They play tennis, and have some tea. Sakura wonders who makes the tea. Her thoughts get interrupted when the old man says that it’s like his granddaughter is back when Sakura’s there. Sakura asks if his granddaughter was the one who occupied the room, the old man nods. He says that his granddaughter wasn’t good at tennis like Sakura. The old man then realized that he forgot the sweets, Sakura then remembered the cookies her father gave, and went to go and get them.

Sakura pants as she comes back. The old man asks what’s inside the bag, Sakura says that it’s cookies from her father, still panting. The old man’s eyes widened and thanks her. He opens the bag to reveal cookies, Sakura says that her dad is a really good cook and the cookies will taste delicious. Sakura looks at the old man, confused on why he didn’t respond. The old man asked if she was here with her father, Sakura replies with a yes. The old man asked her what kind of a person Fujitaka is. Sakura smiles, she says that her dad is a kind person, a great cook, a college professor and a wonderful tailor. She also adds that he can crochet as well.

She’s about to continue when the old man interrupts her, saying that she really loves her father. Sakura smiles and nods. The old man eats one of the cookies, he’s surprised at how good it is and tells Sakura.

Yukito’s laying on a hammock, while he reads. Touya is also reading, but on the ground. Touya looks behind the tree, Yukito asks him if he’s worried about Sakura. Touya doesn’t say anything and scoffs. He returns back to reading.

Fujitaka stops typing and looks at the large house.

CCS EP16 - Dress

Sakura's new dress.

Sakura has a new dress on, she looks at it. She looks to the old man and asks him if this dress was also his granddaughters, he said it was her favorite one. He says that the dress looks good on Sakura. She smiles and runs to the mirror to look. The old man bends down and puts his hands on her shoulders from behind. He says that Sakura looks a lot like his granddaughter, which shocks Sakura. He asks Sakura if she could accept the dress, Sakura refuses, he asks if she could please take it, he says that he’s sure it’ll make his granddaughter happy.

Sakura asks if she would really be happy, the old man replies with an ‘of course’. Sakura smiles and accepts the dress. Sakura walks to the desk where there’s a painting, she asks if it was drawn by the old man’s granddaughter, he says that it was. Sakura’s surprised that it’s a rainbow, the old man explains that she drew it for him, because he loved to look at rainbows. He says that from the verandah they’re on, you could see beautiful rainbows. Sakura points out that the drawing is very gentle, the old man said that his granddaughter was a gentle girl.

It’s night and Sakura tells Kero about what happened, Kero says that the old man is really kind. Sakura says that he seems a little lonely. Kero asks her if she thought of something to give him, Sakura says that she thought about it a lot and couldn’t think of anything. Kero states that since he owns a large country house, giving him material items are of no use. Sakura asks if she can do something for him, Kero asks her if there’s something particular that he may like. Sakura then remembers that he likes rainbows. Kero then thinks of something she can do.

The next day, Sakura walks to the old man’s house, he’s cutting some flowers. Sakura says that she’s going home that day, the old man said it was a shame. Sakura has a small favor to ask him. Sakura asks that when she leaves that he goes out to his granddaughter's room and stand outside the verandah. The old man agrees, Sakura says that she had a fun time. The old man also says that he had a fun time. Sakura and the old man say goodbye. Sakura runs to go to her house, but she stops to say that she’s sure that the old man’s granddaughter went to a place with a beautiful sky, just like Sakura’s mother. She says that her brother told her that. Sakura also says that because her mother was happy marrying her father, she is sure to be in a beautiful place. Sakura also says that she’s sure his granddaughter is somewhere very beautiful as well.

CCS EP16 - Out of hiding

Sonomi coming out of hiding.

This touches the old man’s heart, and replies with a you’re right. Sakura says that he should make sure he goes to the verandah. Sakura bows and walks away. From a distance, Kero tells Sakura that she’s fine there, Sakura uses The Rain card to give the old man a rainbow as a goodbye gift. The old man has a flashback of his granddaughter who points to the rainbow.

Sonomi comes out of hiding to speak with the old man, revealing that the old man is actually Masaki Amamiya, Sonomi and Nadeshiko’s grandfather, making Sakura his great-granddaughter.


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  • Sakura: You're fine without eating anything, right, Kero?
  • Kero: Yeah.
  • Sakura: But you like sweets.
  • Kero: It's just something I like.
  • Sakura: Does that mean you just have a greedy appetite?

(Kero falls in embarrassment)

  • Kero: Hey! Did you forget I was in here!?
  • Sakura: I'm sorry! The room was just too wonderful, and I...
  • Kero: Oh, it is rather nice.
  • Sakura: See? And I was really happy so...
  • Kero: So you were about to make me into a sandwich.
  • Sakura: I said I was sorry.
  • Kero: I'll let you go this time, but bring me some desserts after dinner.


  • In the anime, Sakura uses The Rain to create a rainbow for her great-grandfather while in the manga, she uses The Watery.