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"Sakura and the Sport's Day of Flowers" (さくらと(はな)運動会(うんどうかい), Sakura to Hana no Undōkai?) is the 10th episode of the first season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "An Unexpected Reunion".


It's Sports Day at Sakura's school. Tomoyo's mother seems to know Sakura's father, but her glares say that it's not a friendly reunion.


CCS EP10 - Racing

Sakura racing

It's the sports festival day at Sakura's school so family members have come to cheer the students on. Sakura talks about how some kids hate the sports festival, but Sakura loves it. Sakura finishes the first sports festival game—racing, which she wins—and gets complimented by Rika of how fast she runs. Sakura meets Touya and Yukito.  Yukito tells to Sakura that she's a fast racer and Touya makes fun of her causing Sakura to stomp his foot and he cries out. Sakura says that their lunch is really big. Yukito says that he and Touya made the lunch. Touya informs Sakura that their dad would come after his presentation. 

Sakura doesn't complain, she talks about how Fujitaka is an archaeologist teacher in his college.

Yukito says that there is a 100-meter dash race to the parents only. Yukito hopes that Fujitaka will be here in time for that. 

CCS EP10 - You have to do it!

Sakura telling Touya that he has to do it

Tomoyo's voice comes out of the speakers, saying that everyone who's in the cheerleading club should head to the main gate. Tomoyo repeats. Yukito asks if Sakura's participating and Sakura nods. Yukito says that he'll take lots of pictures. Sakura tugs Touya down, bringing him to her size, she whispers in his ear, that he'll take a picture of Yukito later, she says that he has to. With no choice, Touya agrees.

A random kid tells his friend that Sakura runs fast, his friend says that nobody can win against her. Tomoyo randomly pops up and tells them that Sakura is not only very quick on her feet, she's extremely cute. Sakura spots Tomoyo and calls her name. Sakura's now in her cheerleading outfit for the routine. Tomoyo says that Sakura looks very lovely. Tomoyo says that if it had frills and a large ribbon on it, Sakura interrupts her, asking if her mother was here yet. Tomoyo says that her mother had a company meeting, but she'll rush over when she finishes.

Sakura says that Tomoyo's mom is the president of a large toy company. A teacher comes into the conversation and says that Tomoyo's mom is very busy and there are days Tomoyo can't see her. Tomoyo and the nice lady start talking. Sakura says she has never met Tomoyo's mother before, so she's looking forward to meet her. Tomoyo doesn't talk much about her father. The nice lady leaves and after Sakura does, to get ready for the routine.

CCS EP10 - Baton hit 2

Sakura's baton hitting her on the head

During the cheering Touya tells Yukito that Sakura is always catch her baton with her head and her baton lands on her head shocking Yukito and everyone and Touya points it in surprise. The speakers tell everyone that the next event will be the last event for the morning. It'll be a race through an obstacle race, for fourth-graders only. Everyone starts to get ready, Tomoyo tells Sakura to give it her best.

Sakura turns around, she sees Rika, Chiharu, Naoko and Tomoyo all cheering for her. Sakura turns around, to see Syaoran standing beside her. Yukito calls out to them saying that they can do it. Syaoran and Sakura both blush, Syaoran says that he'll not loose, Sakura says the same. They go through the obstacle course, in the end, it's just Syaoran and Sakura. Syaoran turns his head and sees Yukito and blushes, causing him to trip over his feet and Sakura winning.

CCS EP10 - Agreeing

Syaoran agreeing to Sakura's lunch offer

It's time for lunch and Sakura asks if Tomoyo would like to eat lunch with her, she accepts. They head over to Syaoran, asking him if he wants to eat lunch with them, he asks why he would, but then Yukito calls them, saying that the lunch is ready. Just before Sakura leaves, Syaoran tugs on her shirt, saying that he'll have lunch with her.

During lunch break Sakura meets Tomoyo's mother, Sonomi Daidouji for the first time. When Sonomi and Sakura's father, Fujitaka, meet, both are shocked to see each other. From their conversation, it is revealed that Sonomi is cousin to Sakura's mother and she blames Fujitaka for her death, though not in any direct way. It's now time for the race that the parents have. Sonomi sees Fujitaka as a rival and she says she will beat him.

While Sonomi and Fujitaka race in the parent's race, there is a shower of flower petals. Syaoran instantly recognizes it as The Flower card and tries to help Sakura capture it, but Yamazaki hold him down. Sakura suspects a Clow Card and finds the Flower card on the roof of the school. They call Kero and inform him about the card. Kero gives Sakura advice.

CCS EP10 - The Flower dancing with Sakura

Sakura and the card dancing while Tomoyo talks to Kero

The Flower wants to dance with Sakura, and so she dances. Right after this, Sakura captures the Clow Card. Kero, still on the phone, says that Flower gets excited when there are fun things or celebrations going on. Kero says that he thinks the Flower was just trying to cheer everyone up by raining flowers. Sakura asks what the card can do, Kero answers her, saying that the card pops up all sorts of flowers. Tomoyo suddenly screams, saying that she forgot to record everything.

The parent races ends, and Fujitaka ends up being first, Sonomi second. Sonomi gets angry at this. Everyone helps clean up. Sakura uses the Flower card to give flowers to her father and Tomoyo's mother, as they were arguing. Tomoyo says that the reason why her mother wanted to grow out her hair so that it would be like Nadeshiko's. Touya calls them because they need to clean, Sakura grabs Tomoyos hand and she goes over.


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  • Sakura: (thinking) Today is Tomoeda Elementary School's athletic festival! There are kids who say athletic festivals are a pain so they don't like them. But I love it!

  • Kid #1: That fourth grader Kinomoto sure runs fast.
  • Kid #2: Nobody can win against her.

(Tomoyo appears and surprises the kids)

  • Tomoyo: Not only is Sakura super fast, she's super cute as too!

  • Yukito: (about Sakura's cheerleading skills) Sakura has gotten much better.
  • Touya: Well, if you compare it to before. When she first joined the squad, you know how she tosses the baton, right? She always caught it with her head.

(baton falls and hits Sakura on the head)

  • Touya: See?

  • Tomoyo: Sakura, allow me to introduce. This is my mother.

(Sonomi stares at Sakura)

  • Sonomi: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Sonomi Daidouji. Thank you for being such good friends with Tomoyo all the time.
  • Sakura: That's not true. I'm always the one being helped out...
  • Sonomi: You really are cute. You look a lot like someone I know... I've heard a lot about you from Tomoyo, but she never told me your last name. Would you care to tell me what it is?
  • Sakura: Oh, um Kino-

(Fujitaka calls to Sakura)

  • Sakura: Dad!

(Sonomi screams)

  • Sonomi: Mr. Kinomoto!!

Differences between the anime and the manga[]

  • The biggest and most obvious difference is Syaoran's role in this episode. In the manga, the events of this episode took place before Syaoran's introduction, with him briefly appearing after the events and saying that he is sensing the Clow Cards, which was moved in the anime to him doing that after Episode 7 Sakura's capturing The Silent card. The anime moves the sports day event and the capturing The Flower card to after his introduction, meaning he actively participated in it.