Sakura and the Summer Holiday Homework
Season 1, Episode 19
Episode 19
Air date September 1, 1998
Cards Captured The Move
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Sakura and the Summer Holiday Homework (さくらと夏休みの宿題, Sakura to Natsuyasumi no Shukudai) is the 19th episode of the first series of Cardcaptor Sakura. The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Nothing to Report".


The summer holidays are coming to an end and Sakura still has a lot of summer vacation homework to do. Making a deal with her brother, Touya, and Kero to help her, Sakura is left with only a book report and meets with Tomoyo at the library. There, they meet Syaoran who refuses to share a library cubicle with them because his fortune predicted bad luck with women.

The book Sakura needs for her book report is missing so Sakura and Tomoyo search the library, but notice the book disappearing and reappearing in different places. The book eventually appears outside the library where they meet Syaoran who is also after the book. Kero reveals it's the work of the Move card and for the first time, thanks to Move's unpredictable actions, Sakura is forced to rely solely upon her magical senses to catch a card. Sakura is rewarded with the book and a new card, but accidentally plunges into the river, taking Syaoran with her causing to remark this is the fortune about.

Syaoran invites the girls over to his place so Sakura can change into dry clothes, but to everybody's surprise, a Chinese girl enters the apartment and leaps on Syaoran with a hug. Wei notices her surprise. Syaoran asked her what she was doing here.

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  • Syaoran: Don't get in my way!
  • Kero: I wanted to go this way too!
  • Syaoran: You're ruining my concentration.
  • Kero: Don't you mean you don't have enough concentration?
  • (Syaoran glares at him)
  • Kero: You sure are short-tempered. Well, since you're studying, I'll let you off the hook today.

  • Sakura: Of all the books to review, the thinnest one was Piglet Story, right? Did you read Piglet Story, too, Tomoyo?
  • Tomoyo: No, I read a different book.
  • Sakura: Was it a good book?
  • Tomoyo: Yes, very.
  • Sakura: Maybe I should read that book too, then. What was it called?
  • (After searching for the book, Tomoyo points at a thick book on the shelves)
  • Tomoyo: It was this one.
  • Sakura: What, this!?
  • Tomoyo: Yes.
  • Sakura: Maybe I'll just read about piglets.

  • Touya: What is your construction project this year?
  • Yukito: It's a little birdhouse, right?
  • Sakura: Yes!
  • Touya: And this time, there's no entrance to it.
  • Sakura: That's-
  • (Sakura looks down to the birdhouse)
  • Sakura: There isn't one...
  • Touya: Did you really forget?
  • Sakura: But I'm not good at this kind of stuff!


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