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"Sakura and the Summer Holiday Homework" (さくらと夏休(なつやす)みの宿題(しゅくだい), Sakura to Natsuyasumi no Shukudai?) is the 19th episode of the first season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Nothing to Report".


Sakura goes to the library to finish her book report on the last day of summer vacation, but the book she needs keeps slipping through her fingers!


CCS EP19 - Homework Check

Kero checking Sakura's homework

Sakura is at home and she’s writing about her school trip to the beach, for her summer holiday homework. Sakura then stretches, and Kero flies down and looks at Sakura’s homework. Kero asks her if she’s writing a diary, Sakura says that she is. Kero states that it’s about when they were at the beach, he then says how he really wanted to go.

Kero looks at the date the beach was, he sees that it was July 31st, he asks if it’s August 31st, Sakura says that it is and scratches her head, Kero is surprised and asks if she’s finally writing about last month, Sakura nods. Kero asks Sakura if a diary is where you write everyday, Sakura says that she was really busy. She also says that she finished the project for the elective class.

CCS EP19 - How much homework left

Sakura telling Kero how much homework she has left

Kero asks if she’s done the homework. When Sakura doesn’t say anything, Kero asks if she’s not done, Sakura says that she only has a little bit left. Kero asks what she has left, Sakura says that she still has the math worksheets, the picture diary, construction project and the book report.

Kero is shocked and asks her if she has that much, Sakura says that she just has too much homework. Kero is really shocked, Sakura turns to him and says that she wrote all of what she wrote so far in 30 minutes. Kero flies down and looks at the homework, Kero then tells her that she left the weather column blank, Sakura assures him that’s it fine, and that the weather is printed in the newspapers.  

CCS EP19 - Smug

Sakura's "I guess"

Kero then says that Sakura’s pretty skilled at this, Sakura crosses her arms and says “I guess”. Kero then flies up to her and says that it’s nothing to brag about. Sakura realizes and scratches her head.

Kero is watching the TV while Sakura’s doing her homework. Sakura finishes her work and exclaims that she just needs to do the weather. Sakura goes to the living room and looks for newspapers. Sakura looks at the newspapers and realize that there is only one from yesterday, Sakura’s confused and asks her Dad for the newspapers. Fujitaka comes out and says that he took them out this morning, Sakura turns around and sees a couple of boxes with the newspapers, Sakura doesn’t know what to do. Fujitaka asks her what she needs to see, Sakura tells him that she needs the weather during summer vacation.

CCS EP19 - Device for Weather

Fujitaka's device for weather

Fujitaka gives her a device he’s been using, he says that he’s been using it for research, he says that it has the weather from 2-3 months ago, he gives it to her. He asks Sakura if the device is fine, Sakura says it is and thanks her father.

Sakura starts writing down the weather. When she’s finished, she closes the book and stretches. Sakura states that she has the worksheets left, Sakura looks for the sheets. Kero exclaims that 4th graders have the easiest math problems. Sakura turns around and says to Kero that it’s hard to do the work. Kero says that he could do it for her, since she thinks the problems are hard, Sakura looks happy, Kero then says that it depends on some conditions. Sakura asks what the conditions are, Kero then tells her.

CCS EP19 - Deals

Sakura mumbling Kero's conditions

Sakura’s working on her construction project, saying to herself Kero’s conditions. Saying that he wants the sweet potato sticks from a store called ‘Kumaya’. Sakura also says that Kero really likes sweets, and that she’s not responsible if he gets fat.

Yukito asks Sakura what she’s doing, Sakura blushes and accidentally breaks her project. Touya comes and replies to Yukito’s unanswered question that it’s a family tradition every summer, Yukito is confused by the word ‘tradition’, Touya says that Sakura’s never done with her summer vacation homework, and she always runs around on the 31st. Sakura is angry at her brother, Yukito crouches down and asks Sakura if she’s doing the construction project, Sakura puts the hammer behind her back and says that it is.

CCS EP19 - Useless

papier-mâché piggy-bank not working

Touya asks her if last year was the papier-mâché piggy-bank, the one shaped like a penguin. Touya says that the piggy bank was useless. Yukito asks why the piggy bank was useless, Touya says that there was no way to put money into it. Touya crouches down and asks what it is this year, Yukito says that it’s a little birdhouse, Sakura says that it is. Touya teases her by saying that this year there’s going to be no entrance to it. Sakura is about to say something, but then she looks back to her wood, and then realizes that she doesn’t have one.

Touya sighs and asks if she really did forget. Sakura says that she’s not good at these things, Touya asks her if she wants him to make it, she looks at him, Touya says that he can do it for five chore shifts.

Sakura is on the phone with Tomoyo. Tomoyo asks her if she finished her homework yet, Sakura says that she hasn’t yet, Tomoyo also tells her that she also hasn’t finished yet. Sakura is shocked that Tomoyo hasn’t finished yet, and Tomoyo says that she still has the math worksheets left. Tomoyo asks Sakura which one she hasn’t finished yet, Sakura says that she hasn’t started on the book report, and didn’t even decide on a book for it. Tomoyo asks her if they could do their work together in the library.

CCS EP19 - Five chores

Touya holding up five fingers

Sakura hesitates and crawls to where Touya and Yukito are working on her birdcage, she says that she can. Touya then holds up 5 fingers, indicating that she has to do 5 chore shifts. Tomoyo tells her to meet at the bridge in Penguin Park.

Tomoyo is waiting for Sakura at the Penguin Park bridge. Sakura shouts to Tomoyo, and Tomoyo turns to the side and waves. Sakura exclaims that it was the last day for the pool, Tomoyo then states that Summer’s ending soon. Kero pops out of Sakura’s bag and asks Sakura if she’s sure she’s not out to play and hang out. Sakura then blushes in embarrassment and tells Kero that that’s not true. Tomoyo giggles and Sakura tells her to hurry up, already walking to the library direction.

CCS EP19 - Meeting

Syaoran, Sakura and Tomoyo meeting at the open space

Tomoyo and Sakura walk to the library together and go to the “Study Room” aisle. Sakura is shocked at how many people there are. Sakura and Tomoyo stop walking for a couple of seconds, and Sakura turns to Tomoyo, saying that their class wasn’t the only one with lots of homework. Tomoyo just smiles. Sakura and Tomoyo find a space to work, but they then see Syaoran, Sakura and Syaoran both turn to the space, they both look at each other. They do the same thing, still shocked. Tomoyo just smiles, Syaoran then says fine, and that it’s a bad day.

Syaoran then turns around to look for another space, Sakura tells him that there are no open spaces left. Syaoran turns to look at Sakura and says that the fortune says that bad things will happen if he deals with women, and turns back to walk away. Sakura is confused when he says ‘bad things’ and she watches him leave.

Sakura and Tomoyo are doing their work in the empty space. They both stretch and Sakura says she’s done her work, Tomoyo says that she’s also done as well. Kero flies up and tells Tomoyo that he did half of Sakura’s worksheets, Sakura thanks him and Kero says that Sakura now needs to buy him those sweet sticks. Sakura tells him that she’ll buy them for him tomorrow, Tomoyo asks her if they should check their answers together, Sakura says that they can.

CCS EP19 - Checking Answers

Sakura checking Kero's answers

Kero flies back down to the table and says that the first half of the worksheets don’t need to be checked because he did them and they’re perfect, Sakura looks at Kero and back and her worksheet, she says that the answer to the first question is 1000 Yen, while Tomoyo says it’s 350 Yen. Both are shocked and Kero tells Tomoyo that she shouldn’t miss such an easy question, Sakura re-reads the question and tells Kero that Tomoyo is correct.

Kero says that with a 1000 Yen bill you can get change, Sakura skims through the worksheets and reads out loud Kero’s answers, which are incorrect. Sakura is shocked and says to herself “What is this” Kero asks her if something is wrong, Sakura erases all of the answers and tells Kero that he doesn’t get his treats, Kero is angry and asks why.

Sakura has finished re-doing all of her answers and now she and Tomoyo are looking for a book for the book project. Sakura asks Tomoyo if the thinnest book in the choices was The Piglet Book. Sakura asks Tomoyo if she also read the Piglet book, Tomoyo says that she read a different book. Sakura asks her if the book was good, Tomoyo says that it was a really good book.

Sakura tells Tomoyo that maybe she should read the same book as well. Sakura asks Tomoyo what the title of the book is, Tomoyo just smiles and starts looking for the book, with Sakura beside her. When Tomoyo found the book, she points it to Sakura and Sakura asks if the book was that, as Tomoyo was pointing to a really big book, and Tomoyo says that it is.

CCS EP19 - Book Missing

The Piglet Book not on the shelf

Tomoyo turns to Sakura and Sakura tells Tomoyo that she’ll read The Piglet Book. Sakura and Tomoyo both look for the book, when they reach the shelf where it’s supposed to be, there isn’t any book. Tomoyo and Sakura go to the registration center and ask if there’s any other copies of the book, the lady says that there aren’t any and that four of the copies were checked out.

The lady says that there should be one more copy should be left, Sakura asks her where it would be, the lady says that the book should be in the library somewhere. Sakura tells her that the book wasn’t on the shelf, the lady says that if they wanted to read it inside the library, they didn’t have to come to the registration area, Sakura then asks if someone’s reading the book inside the library, the lady says that it’s either that, or someone returned it in the wrong place.

Tomoyo turns to Sakura and says that they should go look for the book, Sakura says that they should. Kero is lying outside, miserable, not getting those sweets, he says that he bets the sweets tasted really good, and also says to himself that the TV Reporter ate them like they were.

CCS EP19 - Reading

Syaoran reading the Piglet book

Kero sits back up, still miserable, and says that Sakura didn’t have to be so mean about it. He looks to the side where one of the Library windows are and sees Syaoran there. Syaoran has the Piglet Book in his hands and he goes to the space right beside the window and has a dictionary out, and he looks for the word he needs.

Kero creeps out from the corner, and looks at the word he’s trying to translate and asks him what the problem was, Syaoran is shocked to see him and Kero asks him if he really doesn’t know the letter, Syaoran gets angry and tells Kero that how they use Kanji in Hong Kong is different from Japan. He then closes the dictionary, angry.

Tomoyo and Sakura have both split up, looking for the book. Tomoyo looks for the book, and when she looks up, she sees the Piglet Book on the shelf, she reaches out for it, but it was a different book about a Piglet.

CCS EP19 - Angry

The boy getting angry at Sakura

As everyone is sitting down and reading a book, Sakura looks at everyone’s books to see if the Piglet one was there, she sees a boy reading a book, she leans in to check, but he hides it, she leans in again, but he gets angry at her.

Syaoran picks up the dictionary with Kero on it and tells Kero to not get into his way, Kero flies up and tells Syaoran that he wanted to go that way as well. Syaoran opens the dictionary and tells Kero that he’s ruining his concentration. Kero retorts by correcting Syaoran, saying that Syaoran doesn’t have any concentration at all. Syaoran looks at him and glares slightly, making Kero recoil.

Kero tells Syaoran that he’s very short-tempered, he tells Syaoran that since he’s studying, Kero will let him off the hook and flies away. Syaoran looks at him as he flies away, Syaoran looks back down and sighs. He looks back to the spot where he left the book, but it’s not there. He says to himself that he thought he put the book right there.

CCS EP19 - Asking

Kero asking Sakura what she's looking for

Sakura is checking for the book in the “Literary Books” section. Kero looks at Sakura from above and asks her what she’s looking for, Sakura doesn’t see Kero and looks around, Kero tells her that he’s up above. She looks up and tells Kero that she can’t find the book for her report.

Kero asks Sakura what the title of the book is. She says it’s the piglet book, Kero thinks about it and recalls that Syaoran had the book, Sakura is shocked by this. Syaoran is looking through the aisles to find the Piglet Book that went missing. He walks through and he finds the book, but it’s on the other side. So he runs to the other side and looks for the book, but the book is not there.

Tomoyo is looking for the book, she looks up and she spots the book high up, Tomoyo says that it’s there of all places. Tomoyo finds a stool and brings it to where the book is, and goes on top of it, she reaches out to get the book, but it’s not there, Tomoyo is really confused and brings her hand down. Sakura is running down an aisle, following Kero to where Syaoran is. When they get there, Syaoran’s not there. Kero asks where he went, Sakura stands up straight, also confused.

CCS EP19 - Children's Section

Syaoran in the 'Children's Books' section

Syaoran walks to the ‘Children’s Books’ section to look for the book, he looks at the kids making a house with books, he sees the Piglet Book and he goes and asks if he could look at the book. Tomoyo and Sakura meet up, Tomoyo asks Sakura if she has found the book, Sakura tells Tomoyo that Syaoran has the book.

Tomoyo tells Sakura that she found it once, Sakura is confused and asks her if there are two copies of the book, Tomoyo says it’s strange. They hear crying and look down, they see Syaoran telling a kid not to cry, Sakura and Tomoyo look back up at each other and Tomoyo tells Sakura that she sees the book on the table.

Tomoyo and Sakura see that the book is floating and vanishing bit by bit, Syaoran looks to the side and sees that the book is gone. Sakura whispers Kero’s name and he pops his head out of Sakura’s bag and tells her it’s a Clow Card, Kero tells Sakura that the Card is nearby. Sakura, Tomoyo and Syaoran all start to look for the book.

CCS EP19 - Vanishing

The book vanishing

Sakura and Tomoyo see the book inside a display box, but before they could do anything, the book starts floating and vanishing bit by bit. Sakura says that it happened again. Tomoyo and Sakura keep on looking inside the box, a trolley of books pass by them, and the Piglet Book is on the trolley.

Syaoran looks behind him and sees the book on the trolley, he follows the trolley and when the librarian is putting books on the shelf, Syaoran takes his chance and tries to get the book, but the book floats and vanishes again. The librarian asks him if something is wrong, Syaoran recoils and says that it’s nothing.

Tomoyo looks through two bookshelves and finds the book, he sits down and reaches for the book, but she can’t reach it, so Tomoyo stretches her hand out to try and get the book, but the book vanishes.

CCS EP19 - Crawling

Syaoran crawling on top of the bookshelf.

Sakura climbs up a ladder to a bookshelf, as she sees the book, but the book once again floats and vanishes right when Sakura gets to the book. The book is now on top of a bookshelf, Syaoran is also on top of a bookshelf. Syaoran is crawling to get the book, when he’s close to the book, it floats and vanishes again. Syaoran tries to grab the book before it vanishes, but he doesn't succeed.

Syaoran sits up straight and looks all around the library for the book, but he couldn’t find it. Syaoran then looks to the window, and he sees the book on a person’s bike rack. Syaoran jumps down from the bookshelf and runs outside, with Sakura and Tomoyo behind him.

Syaoran follows the bike and when he’s close to the book, he reaches his hand out to grab it, but the book floats away and vanishes once again. Syaoran is shocked and slows down, Sakura and Tomoyo reach up to him, they look at him as he’s panting, Kero pops his head out of Sakura’s bag, saying that they’re probably up against The Move Card.

Kero explains that The Move Card is a card you use to move things around, Tomoyo says that it seems like a handy card. Kero tells Tomoyo that you can’t use the card at all, he explains that it can’t move things really far, and that you can’t move anything big or any living thing, he also says that the card is mischievous as a boot.

CCS EP19 - Searching

Sakura and Syaoran searching

Tomoyo says that the card is a troublesome one, Kero flies out of Sakura’s bag and tells her to seal it soon, otherwise it will keep having fun and move all around the place. Sakura also says that she won’t be able to do her book report if she doesn’t capture it as well, Sakura asks where the card went, and she and Syaoran both look around.

Tomoyo then gasps and Sakura, Syaoran and Kero turn to her. Sakura asks if she’s found the book, Tomoyo denies and says that it’s just and doesn’t finish her sentence. Kero and Syaoran both ask what it was, and Tomoyo says she should’ve brought her Camcorder, Sakura and Syaoran sigh, Kero, on the other hand, looks for the book.

He looks around and he sees it, he tells Sakura that he found it, the book is on the fence, Sakura and Syaoran both run towards it, but the book floats and vanishes again. They look around and Syaoran sees it on a bench, he runs to it, but the book vanishes again.

Tomoyo and Kero watch both Sakura and Syaoran try to get the book, Sakura tries to get it on the fence, but it vanishes. Syaoran climbs up a tree to get the book, but it also vanishes, Sakura finds it on the ground and tries to get it, but it vanishes and Sakura falls. Sakura gets up and she sees the book right beside her, she tries to get it, but fails.

CCS EP19 - Frustrated

Kero telling Sakura she needs to concentrate

Sakura sits up and is frustrated by how close she was to get the book, Kero tells her not to follow it with her eyes, but with the card’s presence. Kero tells her to predict where the card would appear next, Sakura tells him that she can’t do that, Kero flies closer to her and tells her that she can now feel the cards’ presence, Sakura isn’t convinced by this, but Kero tells her that she can do it, and that she just needs to concentrate.

Sakura gets up and Tomoyo tells her to do her best, Sakura closes her eyes and concentrates on the presence of the card. Sakura feels the cards presence and immediately opens her eyes, knowing where the card would appear next, Sakura turns around, and she takes out her Sealing Staff and captures the card, the card flies to her hand and she puts the book on her other hand.

Sakura holds up her hands, and it’s revealed that she’s right in front of a pond, Sakura is happy that she captured the card and exclaims that she can finally do her homework, Sakura then realizes where she’s standing and starts falling into the pond, but Syaoran comes down and grabs her hand to prevent her from falling, but then they both fall into the pond, with Sakura throwing the book up to Tomoyo so that it doesn’t get wet.

CCS EP19 - Pond

Sakura and Syaoran both in the pond

Both in the pond, Syaoran states that this is what the fortune was warning him about. Sakura, Syaoran and Tomoyo are walking home, Sakura then sneezes and shivers, they all stop walking. Tomoyo tells Sakura that she’ll get a cold at the rate they’re going. Syaoran asks them if Sakura would want to change at his place, Syaoran tells her that since the bad thing is gone and that she needs the book.

Syaoran tells her that he’s almost done reading the book, Sakura smiles and thanks him. Sakura, Tomoyo and Syaoran are in front of his apartment, and they walk inside. They go to Syaoran’s room and Sakura has changed her clothes already, and is drinking tea. She turns to Syaoran’s butler, who’s name is Wei, and tells him that the tea is delicious.

Wei thanks her, Sakura asks him if he lives alone with Syaoran, Wei says that’s he’s taking care of Syaoran on behalf of his mother. Sakura questions with him only saying mother, Wei explains that Syaoran’s father had passed away, Wei also explains that the rest of Syaoran’s family reside in Hong Kong.

Sakura says that she sees and puts her head down, she and Tomoyo look up when they hear the door open, Syaoran comes out of the door and tells Sakura that he’s finished with the report, Sakura stands up and he hands her the book. She thanks him, Tomoyo also stands up and tells her that she will finish her homework, Sakura looks at her and agrees.

CCS EP19 - Girl

A girl coming through the apartment

Syaoran looks at the T-shirt she’s wearing and starts saying that the T-shirt, but he doesn’t finish and Sakura turns to him, and tells him that Wei gave her the T-Shirt, she says that it’s a really cute one. Tomoyo asks Syaoran if he purchased it himself, Syaoran tells her that he didn’t purchase it. All of a sudden, the front door opens and a Girl walks out saying Hello in Chinese, she drops her bag and runs to Syaoran, exclaiming that she missed him.

Wei was also shocked to see her, the girl hugs Syaoran, Syaoran asks her what she was doing at his apartment room, but she doesn’t answer and looks to Sakura and Tomoyo, saying that he had guests. She looks at them and glares at Sakura, she walks up to Sakura and tells her that the shirt she’s wearing is the one the girl gave to Syaoran.

CCS EP19 - Stuttering

The girl asking Sakura why she's wearing it

The girl asks Sakura why she’s wearing it, Sakura stutters a bit, but doesn’t get her sentence through. The girl turns to Syaoran and yells at him, asking what the meaning of Sakura wearing the shirt was, and why Sakura was wearing it.

The girl goes to Syaoran and moves forward, Syaoran moves back and tells her that Sakura wearing his shirt was nothing, the girl doesn’t listen and jumps on Syaoran, exclaiming that he was so cruel. Syaoran’s telling the girl that she should listen to him, and the girl isn’t listening.

Sakura and Tomoyo are quite shocked at what the girl was doing, Tomoyo asks Sakura, saying that she wonders who the girl is, Sakura tells her that she doesn’t know.


Featured Cards[]


  • Syaoran: Don't get in my way!
  • Kero: I wanted to go this way too!
  • Syaoran: You're ruining my concentration.
  • Kero: Don't you mean you don't have enough concentration?

(Syaoran glares at him)

  • Kero: You sure are short-tempered. Well, since you're studying, I'll let you off the hook today.

  • Sakura: Of all the books to review, the thinnest one was Piglet Story, right? Did you read Piglet Story, too, Tomoyo?
  • Tomoyo: No, I read a different book.
  • Sakura: Was it a good book?
  • Tomoyo: Yes, very.
  • Sakura: Maybe I should read that book too, then. What was it called?

(After searching for the book, Tomoyo points at a thick book on the shelves)

  • Tomoyo: It was this one.
  • Sakura: What, this!?
  • Tomoyo: Yes.
  • Sakura: Maybe I'll just read about piglets.

  • Touya: What is your construction project this year?
  • Yukito: It's a little birdhouse, right?
  • Sakura: Yes!
  • Touya: And this time, there's no entrance to it.
  • Sakura: That's-

(Sakura looks down to the birdhouse)

  • Sakura: There isn't one...
  • Touya: Did you really forget?
  • Sakura: But I'm not good at this kind of stuff!