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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Prologue: Sakura and the Two Bears (カードキャプターさくら クリアカード(へん) プロローグ さくらとふたつのくま, Kādokyaputā Sakura: Kuria Cādo-hen Purorōgu Sakura to Futatsu no Kuma?) is an OVA of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card.

It was released in DVD format and will come bundled with the special edition of Clear Card Arc's Vol. 3 special edition manga release. It was released on September 13, 2017.


Sakura arrives late to school only followed by Syaoran, who reveals he was called by his mother. Mr. Terada announces that Eriol is returning to England, much to everyone's shock. Later Sakura tells Eriol that she feels sad about him leaving, but he asks her to compare how she feels next time someone close to her is leaving, that way she'll truly know the most important person in her life is.

After school, Syaoran spots Sakura and considers calling out ot her, but decides against it, however she turns and spots him, quickly inviting him to walk with her. Passing through the park Sakura asks him what it was he was going to say to her after the Tokyo Tower incident. After a moment of hesitation he confesses his feelings to her, She is stunned and unsure of how to respond, Syaoran leaves her, bidding her safely home. At the Kinomoto home, Touya and Yukito discuss Kaho's return, and her involvement with Eriol. Yukito asks about Sakura who is in her room pondering her feelings for Syaoran. Touya reaffirms his dislike of Syaoran.

The next day, Sakura and Tomoyo go to Eriol's house to say a final goodbye to him, Kaho, Ruby and Spinel. Kaho gives the girls presents from England, and she also gives Sakura one for Syaoran. While walking to school Sakura tries to tell Tomoyo about what Syaoran had said, but Tomoyo had already figured out what happened. She assures Sakura that she'll figure things out.

Sakura finds her present is a brooch shaped like a teddy bear. Taking a moment, she examines the two bears the one she intended for Yukito and the one Syaoran gave her, which causes her to blush which Kero comments on, She quickly rushes out to give Syaoran his present. After she leaves Kero questions what's so significant about the bear Syaoran gave her.

On route to Syaoran's Sakura is unsure of what she's going to say. Arriving at Syaoran's, she notices a moving truck loading boxes. Spotting Syaoran, she rushes over to give him Kaho's gift, though is unable to look him in the eye. Trying to shift the conversation, she comments on the moving crew, and Syaoran tells her that he is leaving returning to Hong Kong, the next day, expressing how glad he was to have met her. Sakura wordlessly leaves while Syaoran is speaking with the moving crew, wanders home while wondering why she feels so sad. Remembering her promise to Eriol, and finally realises how she feels about Syaoran. She rushes home and retrieves her sewing kit in order to make a bear for Syaoran.

Working long into the night, Kero asks if he can help but Sakura reveals to him that she wants to make it alone. Realizing this is clearly important to Sakura, Kero tells her that he is there to help if she changes her mind. Some time later, Yukito arrives with food for Sakura. He realises that Sakura has found the person she loves the most, and is overjoyed for her, asking if she'll formally introduce them. Sakura sadly tells him that it may not be possible because he's leaving. Yukito and reassures her that even though he is leaving, they will see each other again.

After working all night, the bear is finished. Tomoyo calls Sakura to tell her that Mr. Terada said that Syaoran is leaving on the 10 o'clock flight and it is already after 9. Sakura is disheartened, thinking she has missed her chance but Tomoyo tells her that she needs to try. With Touya's help, Sakura makes it to the bus station where Syaoran is waiting. Sakura gives him the bear she made him, and tells him that he's the most important person in her life. He accepts the bear, asking if he can name it after her, to which she agrees, asking if she can name the bear he gave her after him. As the bus begins to leave, Syaoran promises to return to Tomoeda when he is finished with his business in Hong Kong, and Sakura promises to wait for him.

During a post credits scene, set two years later, Sakura's is now a junior high school student, She enjoys the freshly bloomed cherry blossoms. Spotting a familiar face- Syaoran- whom she rushed to embrace happily.




  • This OVA depicts the final chapter in the original manga, in an animation closely resembling the original Cardcaptor Sakura series.
  • There is some confusion regarding the canon status of this OVA, since it was labeled as a "prologue" to the Clear Card anime, which follows the original anime. However, this OVA contradicts the original series, showing completely different events as compared to Episode 69 and 70. Also, the ending of the OVA contradicts the first episode of the Clear Card anime. Since the OVA was bundled with the Clear Card manga (which follows the original manga), and this OVA clearly depicts the ending of the original manga onscreen, this OVA is not considered canon to the original series nor the subsequent Clear Card anime.
    • The only thing unexplained in the Clear Card anime, which was only seen in this OVA, was the bear made by Sakura giving to Syaoran.