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Sealing Wand
User(s): Sakura Kinomoto
Used with: Clow Cards
Sakura Cards
Clear Cards
First Appearance (Manga): Volume 1, Chapter 1
First Appearance (Anime): Episode 1

The Sealing Wand (eventually the "Star Wand" in season 3 and the "Dream Staff" in the Clear Card Arc), also simply referred to as "the staff", or "wand", is a vivid pink magical wand about a meter in length.

Its main specialty is to allow and provide whoever wields it the ability to seal or summon Clow Cards at will. Although people without any magical experience require the wand/staff in order to manipulate the Clow Cards; trained magicians may be able to activate cards either with objects similar to the wand (as demonstrated by Syaoran Li and his sword on many occasions) or entirely by force of will alone (as demonstrated by Clow Reed with the Flower card).[1]

To manipulate the wand from key form, an incantation or spell must be said, as well as to use the cards.

See also: Incantations & Spells


During the course of the show the staff/wand is shown to evolve into multiple forms as a sign of how powerful Sakura's innate magical abilities.

Dormant Form[]

When not in use, the wand reverts to its dormant (or key) form. This form looks just like the active form, except it is scaled down to a few centimeters in size (enough to fit in the palm of one's hand) with the main shaft being gold instead of pink. It also has two, small prongs thrusting out perpendicular to the main shaft at the tail end so it looks and acts like a key.

Whenever it's not being used, Sakura usually hangs it on a chain around her neck and keeps it with her at all times.

When the wand is in its dormant form, it has the power to unlock any door that has been magically sealed by the Lock and is the only known way to draw out this card's true form.

Clow Form[]

The wand takes on various forms; the first and most notable being the bird-like head with red gems for eyes, a beak, and a pair of tiny wings on the back of the head.

Star Form[]

When Sakura captured all the cards and passed the Final Judgment, the head of the Sealing Wand changed from a bird to a yellow, five-pointed star inside a circle with a small, feathered wing on either side; due to the fact that Sakura's powers came from the stars.

This form retained all the powers of the old one, but also gave Sakura the power to change the cards into Sakura Cards. Although in the beginning, it drained her of her energy, physically, emotionally and mentally, leaving her exhausted and prone to falling asleep.

However, she later grew stronger and was eventually successful in changing all the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards.

Sun-Moon Form[]

When Yue and Cerberus had temporarily merged with the star wand, it changed to symbolize their combined strength. The wand's main shaft grew to around three meters in length and the circle around the star head disappeared. The wings also grew in size. In addition, a crescent moon and sun appeared under the star.

This form had all the abilities of the old star form, but had much more magical power and was more effective.

Dream Form[]

In the Clear Card Arc Sakura obtained her new wand, formed from the power of dreams. This wand have a white, 6-pointed star with smaller 5-pointed stars on each tip inside a circle with a spike in each side of the star, and big feathered wings below the circle.

This wand is specifically designed to seal and utilize the Clear Cards.

After the world was rewritten by taboo magic, the Wand of Dreams came into existence alongside Sakura's original Star Wand.

Card Forms[]

Sometimes certain cards naturally manifest when activated by the user by combining with the Staff. The only two cards known to do this are The Sword -which changes the Staff into a rapier- and The Fly, which increases the size of the staff's wings tenfold so that one can fly on it, like witches do with broomsticks. Although when Sakura first gained her Star Ward, the Staff couldn't handle using Sword and Fly at the same time, so Fly instead manifested itself on Sakura's back which gives her the ability to fly while also being able to use the Staff for anything else.



Sakura receiving the Sealing Wand courtesy of Kero.

Yuuko staff

Yūko Ichihara receiving the Star Wand.

The Staff originally belonged to Clow Reed, a powerful magician who put it into the Clow Book so his successor could catch the cards and use them more easily. Clow made the wand into signature bird head form because he had foreseen that Sakura Kinomoto would be his successor. He wanted the wand to be cute and girly so she would be comfortable with it.

Years later, in the town of Tomoeda after returning home from school, Sakura explored the basement, having heard a strange noise. It was there she discovered the Clow Book and as a result of reading "Windy", unknowingly released the Clow Cards except for Windy; the remaining Clow Cards scattering throughout Tomoeda.

The incident caused the Guardian of the Book, Cerberus to awaken where to his dismay, he discovered what had happened and assigned Sakura to capture them, although she was reluctant. Upon receiving the Sealing Wand, Sakura's life changed forever as she embarked on a long journey to capture the remaining Clow Cards.

After the capture of the 52nd (19 in the manga) cards, Sakura faced Yue in the Final Judgement, but to pass the test, she had to stop using Clow's magic, sealed in the staff and the cards, and start using her own magic.

Things were grim and just when it looked like Sakura would lose, Kaho Mizuki, armed with the Moon Bell, intervened at the last second and performed a spell that changed Sakura's bird-shaped wand into one containing a single star, enabling her to easily beat Yue.

After the Final Judgment, in a vision, Sakura met Clow Reed who told her that the wand had the star because Sakura's powers came from the stars. As a result of that, Sakura became the Master of the Clow, gaining full ownership of the Clow Cards.

Using this new staff, Sakura transformed all the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards, which significantly increased her powers, managing to surpass Eriol Hiiragizawa's tasks, proving her role as Clow's successor.

When Sakura’s powers had grown stronger and she began subconsciously creating her own set of cards based on her own imagination and desires, her staff evolved into a multi-pointed star. This enables her to utilize and seal the Clear Cards but is completely ineffective with the Sakura Cards.



  • The royal magic wand, when wielded by Princess Star Butterfly in Star vs. the Forces of Evil resembles the Star Wand.
  • In the alternate world of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Sakura delivered the Star Wand to Sakura Li through a dream, so she could fulfill her wish with Yūko Ichihara and send Tsubasa Li to the Clow Country. This wand's current location is at Yūko's Shop, where there is also a replica of the first wand.[2] This is most likely foreshadowing Clear Card Arc's ending.


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