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First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 38

Shade (Kanji: 影像, Katakana: シェイド, Romanji: Sheido) is one of the Clear Cards which Sakura secured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards.


Shade takes the form of a black silhouette in the shape of a dragon, with two large wings on the back, prominent claws and two tails. It has a long neck with protruding spikes, horns and two long mustaches coming out of its face.

Magical Abilities

  • Shadow Magic: Shade act as a living shadow. It can touch others but cannot be touched itself unless done so by a being of the same nature, such The Shadow card.


  • The kanji at the top of the card: 影像 (Pronounced Ei-Zō) means 'silhouette' in Japanese.
  • According to Yuna D. Kaito the spirit of the card looks like the Jabberwocky