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Kanji: 包囲
Katakana: シージュ
Romaji: Hōi
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 4
First Appearance (Anime): Episode 2

Siege (Kanji: 包囲, Katakana: シージュ, Romaji: Hōi) is one of the Clear Cards that was captured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards.


Siege appears as a large white rubber cube with a spiral vine-like design decorating its sides. These vines swirl out and around the cube in its card form.[1]



Siege appears in Sakura's room when Sakura, Tomoyo and Kero were taking measurements for the new suit. From one moment to the next, they find themselves trapped in an unknown space without knowing what happened. While trying to escape, they discover that they can't even touch the walls of the place they are in, and they manage to figure out that the place is an elastic cube. It is there that Tomoyo realizes how similar the walls are to an elastic balloon, and proposes to pop it with sewing pins. In this way the entity is defeated and Sakura manages to secure it in the form of a new Card.[2]

Examine Use[]

Siege becomes one on Sakura's most used Cards, usually resorting to it to isolate eventualities that arise so as not to let them escape. She uses it to trap the source of Aqua in Chapter 4, the tree moves by Action in Chapter 8 and a pair of scissors formed into double Blade in Chapter 30 although this one was able to break free.

In Chapter 45, Siege is used along Lucid to confront the hooded figure that appears on the school. Sakura uses it in Chapter 49 to prevent the Sakura Cards from being taken away. When Sakura uses Siege in Chapter 55 to protect herself from Kaito's magic, once she confronts directly him with her Dream Wand, he holds his mystical staff to against her magics increasingly so powerful. She use Transfer to switch places with Kaito trapped inside Siege, she is able to remember what happened even after he turns back time. When Sakura showed Syaoran about she knows Kaito can use magic, leading him to see that Siege's magic have became stronger just like Sakura's.

In the anime, Sakura uses Siege in Episode 5 to slow down Gravitation's power. In Episode 10, Siege fails to trap Snooze since they are inside Labyrinth's pocket dimension, which Siege is unable to encompass. In Episode 16, Siege is able to surround the entire terrain of Tomoyo's house in order to trap Swing.

Magical Abilities[]

  • Imprison Inducement: Siege has the power to project its form around beings, using its own body as a prison. However, Tomoyo was able to break free by pricking Siege with a pin, so the strength of this card's imprisoning power is questionable.[1]
  • Supernatural Flexibility: Siege can become flexible, either being soft or hard at Sakura's will.[3]
  • Size-Shifting: It is also capable of changing its size, as it was able to shrink itself around Aqua, and expand to trap Action and Swing. However it could not overlap Labyrinth as it trapped them in its own pocket dimension.
  • Transparency: Siege is shown that it can be transparent at Sakura's will.[4]
  • Selective Permeation: By command it can trap whatever it is ordered to, allowing it to phase through certain objects and beings.[5]
  • Magic Protection: Siege is able to protect those inside him from external magic, much as The Shield. Even Kaito's time magic is avoided by it.



  • The kanji at the top of the card: 包囲 (Pronounced 'Houi') means 'siege, encirclement, envelopment, or surrounding' in Japanese.


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